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What Does 500M Views Mean for a Personalized Video Engagement Company?

Rachel Eisenhauer Jan 7, 2016 VP of Marketing

This week, we announced a new milestone: more than 500 million personalized videos have been generated by our SmartVideo platform and viewed since 2011. (Do you remember our 100 million milestone back in 2013?!) But what does this really mean?

Everyday YouTube gets billions of video views and a couple months ago Facebook hit eight billion daily video views, doubled from earlier in the year. So why is 500 million significant? For a personalized video engagement platform, it is much more than just a views count. It means that 500 million videos did not exist before they were viewed, but were generated at the click of a link – the moment the consumer intended to watch it. It means that 500 million unique videos were rendered intentionally for 500 million different individuals, rather than one video for all. It means that more and more brands are making personalized video the standard for how they communicate to and engage with their customers.

As we move in to 2016, one-to-one personalized communication with consumers is no longer a “nice to have,” but a given medium for customer engagement.