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Video Distribution and Delivery Channel Tips

Video Distribution and Delivery Channel Tips

To reach the correct audience and maximize customer engagement, it’s vital to adopt an omnichannel video distribution strategy. With this approach, marketers can create engaging customer experiences that maximize owned media impact. SundaySky has compiled best practices across push and pull channels, from email, website landing pages, and account portals, to demonstrate how to successfully target customers and drive engagement for effective video marketing.  

Within SundaySky’s Video Distribution and Delivery Channel Tips, discover best practices for video sent by email, video on landing pages, and video embedded in account portals. With these tips, understand how to reach your audience and maximize customer engagement insights using a holistic video distribution channel strategy

  • An omnichannel approach should include a holistic strategy to video content. 
  • Email is a successful method for inviting the customer to watch and engage with the video.  
  • Website landing pages provide video experiences in a pre-authenticated environment to reach a larger audience. 
  • Account portals offer an authenticated environment, resulting in more detailed user information, tracking, and contextually relevant video placement.

Maximize your video impact. Discover practical video distribution tips for owned media experiences now.