Why Video Personalization is Crucial to Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Apryl Casale February 13, 2024
Why Video Personalization is Crucial to Your Customer Engagement Strategy

In today’s marketplace, offering the best product, the lowest price, or even the friendliest service no longer guarantees success. It’s how customers experience your brand that trumps everything. It’s how they feel at every touchpoint in their journey.

Customers demand more than just products – they want to be heard, understood, respected, and recognized as unique individuals. Loyalty stems from your brand doing right by them, and by not treating them as mere data points, target market segments, or trackable cookies.

Personalized video engagement is now a crucial part of the customer experience – and video personalization has never been easier for businesses to do on their own. It enables businesses to deliver relevant information in a way that customers prefer to receive it – that is, through video. Just ask a millennial to search for something, and they’ll often start on YouTube.

“Delivering information through video personalization is key to achieving optimal customer engagement.”

Barbara Dischner, SVP of Marketing at SundaySky

Video provides an immersive and visually compelling way to tell stories, convey information, show off products, and deliver personalized content – ultimately enhancing the customer experience. It caters to the preferences of modern consumers, whose comfort with technology is deeply ingrained in their lifestyles and communication preferences.

This would help explain why video marketing is the fastest-growing type of marketing in digital advertising. It’s also why we’ve witnessed an explosion of video content on social media platforms like Facebook, X and LinkedIn, where videos are shared 12 times more than text and images combined.

The struggle for personalization

It only makes sense that customers would place a high value on engaging, personalized experiences. After all, leading brands like Amazon, Airbnb, Netflix and Spotify have achieved tremendous success and brand reputation by providing personal, relevant and valuable customer interactions.

Why, then, is it so rare to experience this kind of engagement with our internet provider, bank or insurance company?

While the desire for personalized engagement is certainly there (and sometimes cringeworthy), the simple answer is: it’s hard to create personalized engagement at scale. This can be true for a number of reasons, such as the difficulty in obtaining accurate data for personalization, or the absence of a mechanism to leverage that data. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Driving engagement through video personalization

Businesses that embrace personalized, video-led initiatives are positioned to achieve greater customer engagement and better business outcomes. According to HubSpot’s report, “The State of Video Marketing in 2023”, 72% of consumers would rather learn about a product or a service through video than any other medium.

The most efficient, effective and affordable way to produce high-quality video is by adopting an all-in-one enterprise video platform that seamlessly blends video production and video personalization capabilities. This enables your brand, big or small, to create videos more quickly and easily than ever, and to tailor your messaging to each and every customer.

Leading brands like Bank of America, United Healthcare, Okta and United Airlines are all using SundaySky’s AI-powered platform to create personalized videos and drive customer engagement to new levels. To be truly engaging, each video must be personal, relevant, valuable, visually appealing, and available in all relevant digital channels.

What does it mean to be “personal”?

When we talk about a video being personal, we’re referring to its ability to address the individual and his or her goals. This means relaying helpful information at a relevant point in their journey, simplifying processes, offering relevant recommendations they might need, and recognizing how much they mean to your business.

Content should be as specific and relevant to your customers as possible, without being creepy. And personalized video engagement truly soars when it’s delivered in real time, in a way that feels both organic and helpful.

In Twilio Segment’s “The State of Personalization Report 2023”, 56% of consumers reported that they will become repeat buyers after a personalized experience. They also found that 92% of businesses are using AI-driven personalization to drive growth in their business.

This is where SundaySky’s video platform becomes a key tool in a business’ arsenal – making it easy for anyone to create high-quality, personalized videos at scale, without any prior experience. The platform’s convenient drag-and-drop interface includes content templates, creative themes, built-in animations, advanced text-to-speech narration, music, sound effects, stock media, and much more – so you can create premium video content in minutes, rather than months.

You can capture and maintain your audience’s attention by leveraging both audience-specific messaging and one-to-one video personalization. This is extremely easy thanks to SundaySky’s native connectors to platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce. These allow you to connect and map customer data directly to placeholders within your video content, so you can personalize your videos however you see fit. No special data capabilities or resources necessary.

In addition, you can use the platform’s generative AI Copilot to instantly create a first version of your video based on a few simple prompts. Then continue to leverage our AI and other platform capabilities in order to tweak and enrich it as you make your video come to life.

Embrace the future: video-led customer engagement

The sea change we’re witnessing in personalized customer experiences is exciting, and it’s only the beginning. The future promises a landscape where personalized video is the norm, not the exception. And SundaySky is the best platform to help you achieve that across the enterprise. 

Ready to make personalized video the heartbeat of your customer engagement strategy? If so, then schedule a demo today.