What Differentiates SundaySky? Ask Our Customers – Service & Trust

Rachel Eisenhauer June 03, 2019
What Differentiates SundaySky? Ask Our Customers – Service & Trust

At our annual customer summit, I had the privilege of speaking with numerous SundaySky customers across an array industries. Each executive I met with spoke in glowing terms about our team and technology. With personalized messaging at the core fo our video-powered experiences, building and nurturing one-to-one relationships matters greatly to us. It’s what distinguishes SundaySky from other companies that claim to have service but really just throw software over the wall, what we call SBNS (Software-But-No-Service) companies. It’s why SundaySky works with more Fortune 500 companies than any other individualized video company in the world. Enterprise organizations need shepherds, not sheep.


Here’s a sample of what some of our customers are saying about SundaySky:

Jordan Barr, Expedia:


“SundaySky has been great to work with. What was really unique about SundaySky, as we started to engage with them, is that they helped us think through what was right for us, they were helping us through the thought process for what the right solution was. And of course it ended up being SundaySky.”


Jordan Barr, Expedia, socializing with his SundaySky team.


Jonathan Gould – Claims Director, MetLife:


“Good people, amazing product.”


Rich Hawkins – Vice President of Marketing, Mutual of Enumclaw:


“We’ve really enjoyed a relationship with SundaySky. We’re building a business around the things that they can help us do. You know, the future’s really exciting for us with this kind of technology.”


Rich Hawkins, Mutual Of Enumclaw


Kelley Thomes Ries – Vice President of Marketing Strategy, UnitedHealthcare Group:


“SundaySky has been a really integral partner in this for us. As we’ve developed our strategies they’ve really been side by side with us at the table. SundaySky has been very much a close partner, kind of an extension of our own team.”

SmartVideo Lead at AT&T:

“Your staff is knowledgeable, personable and they just plain rock!”

Marcie Towsen – Associate Director of Marketing, Verizon Fios:

“We have a really good partnership with SundaySky. We have consistent results, we have since the inception of the program, and just continue to partner and rely on the SundaySky team to deliver what they promised to deliver to us on a daily basis.”

But don’t take our word for it – or theirs. If you want to see more for yourself, check out some examples of our customer success stories here.