SundaySky Unveils First Ever Customer Experience Study of the Effect of Video on NPS Across Fortune 500 Brands

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SundaySky Unveils First Ever Customer Experience Study of the Effect of Video on NPS Across Fortune 500 Brands

Kelly Gentile February 28, 2019
SundaySky Unveils First Ever Customer Experience Study of the Effect of Video on NPS Across Fortune 500 Brands

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SundaySky, the leader in personalized video marketing for enterprise brands, today announced the release of a groundbreaking whitepaper on the effect of personalized, data-driven video on consumer Net Promoter Score (NPS). Available for download now, the study conclusively proves that personalized video can improve NPS by +21 to +78 points above the benchmark NPS for Fortune 500 brands. New study shows that data-driven personalized videos can improve NPS by 48 or more points. via @sundaysky

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NPS is a critical metric for enterprise organizations, currently used by two-thirds of the Fortune 1000. A recent SundaySky survey of its customers found that most use NPS as a bellwether metric, and have defined an economic value for positive/negative movement.

According to eMarketer, video represents 25% of all digital advertising. In January, Forrester released The Forrester Tech TideTM: Video Technologies for Customer and Employee Experience, Q1 2019 which cites video for having the following capabilities for enterprise organizations:

“More than just an entertainment medium, video powers businesses’ abilities to inspire, collaborate, and communicate. Companies use video to engage their employees, serve their customers, and entice their prospects.”

The Forrester report highlights 18 video technologies of interest, including personalized video, which the authors define as delivering “…individualized content at scale through a mix of in-video personalized elements and scene stitching.” The authors further recommend that organizations invest in personalized video because of its high business value.

The SundaySky study quantifies the NPS values for eight personalized video programs deployed by four Fortune 500 brands (with three of those four in the Fortune 50) across telecommunications, financial services, travel and insurance in 2018.

Using real-time NPS scoring from 28,465 respondents exposed to personalized video across these programs, the study shows:

  • NPS ranged from +38 to +76 per program
  • Cumulative NPS was +59.85 (with a margin of error of 0.668% at a 95% Confidence Interval)
  • The average improvement across all programs compared to benchmark NPS per company was +48 points.

The study further examines the number of data elements used to personalized each video experience, the duration, number of scenes, and desktop and mobile viewership response rates. Critically, it goes on to provide both personalization and video best practices.

“Cherry-picking one customer with a one-off case study isn’t useful” said Eric Porres, Chief Marketing Officer for SundaySky and one of the principal authors of the report. “Instead, we wanted to demonstrate to data-driven CMOs and CX leaders that, when done well, personalized video improves customer experience and drives growth at enterprise scale.”

SundaySky will host a webinar on Thursday, April 4, 2019 at 2pm ET for CX professionals, digital transformation practice leaders, personalization executives, and enterprise P&L owners who seek to turbocharge their CX efforts in 2019 and beyond. Ludmila Michalova, Data Analyst for SundaySky and the other author of the report, will join Eric for a Q&A on the study and to share additional best practices for personalized video.


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