SundaySky Highlights Company Growth, Platform Advancements at 3rd Annual SmartVideo Summit

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SundaySky Highlights Company Growth, Platform Advancements at 3rd Annual SmartVideo Summit

Jason Pineres May 19, 2015
SundaySky Highlights Company Growth, Platform Advancements at 3rd Annual SmartVideo Summit

NEW YORK – SundaySky, provider of personalized video marketing software, today announced key advancements across its lifecycle marketing platform,

SmartVideo Cloud, at its third annual SmartVideo Summit in New York City. These enhancements further empower marketers to take deeper control of the creation and management of their personalized video programs across every touch point in the customer lifecycle. Speakers at this year’s event include marketing leaders from brand customers such as Comcast and Cox Communications, SundaySky executives, and industry influencers, including Melissa Parrish, executive director of AdExchanger Research, as the keynote speaker. Parrish discussed the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, advising marketers on how to execute 1-to-1 data-driven marketing strategies at scale.

Additionally, SundaySky announced the opening of its Tokyo office, which will serve the company’s rapidly growing international customer base and enable marketers to harness the power of video to deliver 1-to-1 experiences that influence consumer behaviors and actions. The company now operates in more than 10 countries in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, employing more than 160 people at its offices around the world. Partnering with Deloitte, Accenture, Amdocs, CSG International, Allied Solutions and more, SundaySky’s customers have been the main beneficiaries of this growth, since more than 400 million personalized videos have been viewed by their customers globally.

“The expansion of our global offices and further development of SmartVideo Cloud allow us to serve marketers’ needs for delivering scalable personalized video strategies,” said Shmulik Weller, co-founder and chief executive officer at SundaySky. “We envision a digital landscape where personalized videos are the primary engagement medium between brands and their consumers, and we will continue to develop our platform to deliver data-driven video experiences that are measurable and optimized for performance.”

Last year, SundaySky advanced this mission with its release of the SmartVideo lifecycle marketing platform, including a cloud-based user interface. Throughout the last year, SundaySky made research and development investments to enhance the platform’s foundational engine to become completely cloud-based and able to scale elastically according to client needs. Now known as SmartVideo Cloud, the platform’s flexibility will meet the demands of a third-party creative ecosystem by offering marketing teams, creative agencies and studios further ownership and creative control of their SmartVideo initiatives