SmartVideo Summit 2015: Personalized Video Marketing Across the Customer Lifecycle

Rachel Eisenhauer May 21, 2015
SmartVideo Summit 2015: Personalized Video Marketing Across the Customer Lifecycle

Earlier this week, we hosted the third SmartVideo Summit, our annual customer and partner conference where digital marketing leaders, customer experience executives and industry influencers convene to network and share customer engagement strategies that drive business results.

Speakers this year included marketing leaders from brands including Atlantis Paradise Island, Citi Card, Comcast, Cox Communications and Telenet, as well as SundaySky executives and industry influencers, including Melissa Parrish, executive director of AdExchanger Research as the keynote speaker. Parrish discussed the evolution of digital marketing technology, advising marketers on how to execute 1:1, data-driven marketing strategies at scale in a landscape where data is the CMO’s natural energy resource and marketing dollars continue to shift to digital video from linear TV (including the latest telco and ad tech marriage between Verizon and AOL).

The morning kicked off with our CEO and co-founder, Shmulik Weller, sharing SundaySky’s vision for a world where personalized video is the primary engagement medium between a brand and an individual, supported by the proof points and market validation that depict this vision becoming a reality, particularly as more global brands embrace the SmartVideo platform to support their customer acquisition and retention strategies. “We envision a digital landscape where personalized videos are the primary engagement medium between brands and their consumers, and we will continue to develop our platform to deliver data-driven video experiences that are measurable and optimized for performance,” he said.

Our vice president of creative, Guy Atzmon, brought this vision to life with a video demo that followed a consumer through his journey with an ecommerce brand to demonstrate how the brand-customer relationship develops and deepens with the use of personalized video at significant touch points in the customer lifecycle. Even further, the video visually juxtaposed the evolution of the brand-customer relationship with how the customer’s data footprints powerfully fuel the SmartVideo platform to generate real-time, personalized experiences.

SundaySky's SmartVideo Cloud Platform

We shared key advancements across our SmartVideo Platform since its release last year. The platform developments enable marketers to take deeper control of the creation and management of their personalized video programs to harness the captivating power of video with individualized, timely and relevant messages that influence viewers’ behaviors and actions. Throughout the last year, we’ve made R&D investments to enhance our platform’s foundational engine to become completely cloud-based – elastically scaling according to client needs. The platform’s flexibility will meet the demands of a third-party creative ecosystem by offering marketing teams, creative agencies and studios further ownership and creative control of their SmartVideo initiatives. Read the full press release here.

A Few Other Highlights:

  • We announced the opening of SundaySky’s Tokyo office, which will serve our ever-growing international customer base.
  • By the numbers: SundaySky now operates in more than 10 countries in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, has more than 160 employees at offices around the world, and has delivered more than 400 million personalized videos since the very first video back in 2010.
  • Marketers at large brands are looking at their use of data and video differently and are embracing personalized video technology. This technology can and should be measurable and accountable, and the value measurement and attribution approach differs from traditional brand video.

We’ll be posting photos, videos and blog recaps of each session from SmartVideo Summit 2015 next week… Stay tuned!

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