SundaySky featured on NBC’s “Press: Here”

Rachel Eisenhauer September 06, 2012
SundaySky featured on NBC’s “Press: Here”

SundaySky President and Chief Revenue Officer, Jim Dicso, was recently interviewed on NBC’s “Press:Here,” discussing SmartVideo technology for retargeted advertising.

“Press:Here” is a weekly technology and business roundtable show, featuring world-class technology reporters, such as Forbes’ Eric Savitz and Investors Business Daily’s Mike Krey.

Host Scott McGrew stated:

“I think, Jim, there’s going to come a day in which we’re going to look back at this very telecast and laugh at how quaint it was… Because there’s going to come a day fairly soon, where I would imagine [personalized videos are] going to be standard procedure.”

We agree, Scott. At SundaySky, we believe that every customer engagement experience should be personalized. More so, video advertising is on the rise, and Forrester projects that the domestic digital video advertising market will swell from $2 billion in 2011 to $5.4 billion in 2016. We see advertisers shifting money from display budgets to video, and personally relevant video ads will follow.

Forbes’ Eric Savitz, brought up an interesting point:

“It feels to me that you’re going to get push back from people with privacy concerns… Do you see an issue there?”

Retargeted advertising already exists and personalized ads are not new. We are seeing value with retargeted video advertising because it is personally relevant to the viewer. Which means, consumers will view a video ad for a specific product they’ve already shown interest in (by browsing), other than a generic product ad in which they have no desire or interest in.