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SundaySky Announces 500 Million SmartVideos Generated and Viewed in Real Time Since 2011

SundaySky Announces 500 Million SmartVideos Generated and Viewed in Real Time Since 2011

NEW YORK – SundaySky, powering personalized video engagement for leading brands, today announced that more than 500 million SmartVideos have been generated in real time by its platform since 2011. Currently, more than 1 million SmartVideos are delivered and proactively viewed by consumers daily on mobile, desktop and set-top devices. This achievement exemplifies SundaySky’s vision of making personalized video the standard for how brands communicate with consumers.

In Forrester Research’s September 2014 Executive Q&A: How Personalized Video Works And What It Can Do For You, analyst Jim Nail writes, “We believe that personalized video will command increasingly larger portions of advertising and marketing budgets due to its return on investment (ROI) improvement over traditional video content and other outbound methods of communication.”

The SundaySky SmartVideo platform consistently delivers programs with levels of sophisticated personalization and unprecedented quality for customers in the telecommunications, e-commerce, travel, insurance, health care and financial services industries.

The team continues to nurture relationships rooted in customer loyalty with leading enterprise brands in North America, including AT&T, SundaySky’s first customer. SundaySky’s customer retention rate will exceed levels above 90 percent in 2015. As a result of this continued growth, SundaySky was ranked 10th on Deloitte’s 2015 Israel Fast 50 winners list.

“This 500 million SmartVideos mark is a testament of SundaySky’s commitment to transforming the brand-customer relationship through personalized video and another step toward achieving our vision of a world where personalized video is recognized as the norm for brand-to-consumer communication,” said Shmulik Weller, CEO and co-founder of SundaySky. “The company’s growth mirrors the sophistication of our market and is fueled by the personalized, one-to-one communications that brands depend on to engage with their customers.”


The SmartVideo Platform has evolved from its initial intent to produce product videos and video bills, which mined product stockkeeping unit (SKU) feeds and individuals’ social profiles as data sources, to creating deeply engaging pieces of content that leverage data from customer relationship management (CRM) systems, industry standard billing platforms, product catalogs and data management platforms (DMPs). Today, SundaySky supports differentiated use cases throughout the customer lifecycle, in various industries and across devices and applications.