SmartVideo Benchmarks for Telecommunications Marketing Leaders [Report]

Rachel Sullivan May 13, 2015
SmartVideo Benchmarks for Telecommunications Marketing Leaders [Report]

Wireless carriers and cable operators enhance their customer acquisition and retention initiatives with personalized videos that engage customers in real time and improve the customer experience. By benchmarking the right metrics, as we’ve done in our quarterly SmartVideo Index, you can measure the video performance and viewer engagement of your personalized video programs.

SundaySky generates five personalized videos every second in support of some of the world’s largest brands’ customer engagement strategies, giving us access to a unique and rich set of SmartVideo interaction and performance data across a variety of use cases. We’ve analyzed this data to give you a chance to compare your personalized video program performance with industry benchmarks.

The telecommunications industry has been the pioneer in engaging prospects and customers with personally relevant, real-time video messages throughout the entire lifecycle. The industry is characterized by several obstacles: high churn, high customer care costs, complex billing and minimal differentiation. These obstacles make it important for telco leaders to deliver differentiated experiences at multiple touch points that are informative, relevant and engaging to the customer.

Below are some of the highlights from our SmartVideo Index, which focuses on the personalized video performance and viewer engagement metrics that matter for customer experience and marketing leaders in the telco industry. Be sure to download the full report here

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