SmartVideo Benchmarks for Insurance Marketing Leaders [Infographic]

Rachel Eisenhauer December 17, 2014
SmartVideo Benchmarks for Insurance Marketing Leaders [Infographic]

Last month, SundaySky hit one of our favorite recurring milestones: another 100 million views, which sums up to more than 308 million SmartVideo views to date! What comes with a few hundred million video views is a unique and rich set of SmartVideo performance, viewer engagement and interaction data.

Though the telecommunications industry once led the way, insurance is now the fastest-growing industry adopting SmartVideo as a strategic initiative to get, grow and keep customers. Below is our SmartVideo Index: In Brief infographic, which focuses on the personalized video performance and viewer engagement metrics that matter for customer experience and marketing leaders in the insurance industry.

SmartVideo Benchmarks Insurance 2014Q4 Infographic



Property and casualty insurance is, by its nature, a low engagement product. Not only is purchasing auto insurance a complex transaction but it’s also an infrequent transaction that most people only have to think about a couple times a year at most. And there are a lot of customers that complete the purchase and still don’t have a clear understanding of their policy details. Download the full report for a glossary of terms as well as SmartVideo performance at specific touch points in the policyholder lifecycle.