Personalized Video Engagement: The New Advertising Paradigm

Jeff Hirsch July 21, 2015
Personalized Video Engagement: The New Advertising Paradigm

Today, marketers are presented with three opportunistic trends that have the potential to transform their advertising strategies. By capitalizing on video advertising, customer data and personalization, advertisers can maximize their engagement with every customer they have meaningful data on. Here’s how:

  1. Leverage video’s unique capabilities.
    Online video is one of the fastest-growing advertising channels today, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21% through 2019 as reported by Forrester. Video ads are engaging, capturing viewer’s attention for a full 15 to 30 seconds, combining sight, sound and motion to compel consumer behavioral change.

  2. Take advantage of customer data.
    Brands have a plethora of valuable customer data that can be organized and used to dramatically improve customer interactions and engagement. Consumers are eager to reap the benefits of data-driven marketing: 75% prefer that retailers improve the shopping experience with the data they’ve gathered.

  3. Harness the power of personalization.
    Brands can deliver an individualized, timely and relevant message to engage each and every consumer they have meaningful data on. That means 1:1 marketing at scale. Almost a third of marketers cited targeting and personalization as their top marketing priority in 2015.

Personalized video advertising combines these elements, resulting in a powerful way to reach your target audiences. Whether your goals are a measureable increase in sales and revenue or brand recognition and recall, personalized video ads have proven to address both performance and brand metrics and outperform most online marketing tactics.

What are you waiting for?
Many brands have already begun to personalize their customer experiences, advertise with online video or combine and structure their big data. Each of these initiatives is valuable in its own right—but it’s only when all three are combined that you can realize the full potential of engaging your customers with a unique, personalized, real-time message.

Now is the time to bring data and video together to craft a truly individualized video marketing program that drives value for your business. Personalized video ads are both a brand and performance medium. They significantly outperform traditional display ads as well as non-personalized video ads, and have proven to increase sales, brand recognition and recall.

Marrying data management, programmatic personalization and targeting, delivery, and optimization capabilities together through one full-stack solution, such as we provide through the SmartVideo Platform, is important to achieving true personalization. Because the creative execution and media buy are coupled together, we’re able to track, measure and optimize against many parameters that influence the media buying decisions, ad selection and ad content decisions. This enables brands to deliver the right story, to the right viewer at the right time in the most engaging manner possible, resulting in high performance ads that drive value.

Watch an example personalized video ad from Cox Communications, and then check out more in our gallery.

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