Meet Our Baby: The SmartVideo Studio

Megan Weil June 05, 2018
Meet Our Baby: The SmartVideo Studio

Grab the ice bucket and pop the champagne! ?

Like proud parents, we announced the birth of our newest product, the SmartVideo Studio, at our recent SmartVideo Summit in NYC. (We debated over the name of our new baby; at first we called it the Hub, but Studio captures the creative production and management philosophy of it.)

In case you didn’t make it to the Summit – here’s a short recap: SundaySky co-founder and president Shmulik Weller, SVP of creative and industry solutions Guy Atzmon and myself took to the stage and showed off all the bells and whistles of the SmartVideo Studio, the latest addition to the SundaySky SmartVideo Marketing Cloud family.

Guy Atzmon (right) and myself introducing the SmartVideo Studio at the 2018 SmartVideo Summit.


The SmartVideo Studio streamlines the process of building a brand’s personalized digital storytelling strategy.

By bringing together video assets such as images, voice overs and animations with data and visual logic, brands can create and manage scalable video libraries for individualized messaging without the need for technical resources and staff. Since no coding or animation skills are required to use the SmartVideo Studio, it’s a tool which greatly enhances efficiency and reduces costs.

“Linear storytelling is a thing of the past, and relevance drives action. In order for brands to successfully connect with their customers, they must compete on customer experience and communicate to consumers what’s important to them at that moment by delivering personalized, engaging stories to individuals. The SmartVideo Studio does just this.”
— Shmulik Weller, SundaySky co-founder and president

What does the SmartVideo Studio mean for enterprise marketers, business owners and content managers?

It means they’ll be able to build, manage, deploy and measure video-led personalized experiences through every step of the customer journey. A brand can use the SmartVideo Studio to define the goals, audience, reach, data and story of a personalized video program, making enterprise-storytelling faster, relevant and cost-effective; in turn, this helps form stronger relationships with customers, boosting customer engagement and loyalty.

“We’re trying to always look at how we improve customer experience. SundaySky SmartVideo makes it easier for our customers to interact with us.”

— Marcie Townsen, associate director of marketing customer communications and billing VCM marketing operations at Verizon

The SmartVideo Studio consists of two components, the Dashboards and the Builders.

We’ve simplified program management and provided visibility into content, structure, scenes, and more. In the Dashboards, you can manage your account, programs and business data, and see what’s live in production. You can analyze trends, and drill down into engagement metrics by platform to gain insights and monitor the success of paid and owned media programs at any time. Use the Builders to author on screen text and voice over scripts, assign visual assets and animations. With our intuitive user interface, you can manage your data library and create or modify the visual logic that determines how data and assets are used within the SmartVideos. Then preview and test your creation before deploying to production.

Guy demos the SmartVideo Studio Dashboards.


We welcome the SmartVideo Studio to our family with open arms! Learn more about SundaySky’s SmartVideo Marketing Cloud and the SmartVideo Studio here.