Finding The Glass Slipper For Your Creative

Kelly Gentile October 26, 2017
Finding The Glass Slipper For Your Creative

Remember the story of Cinderella?

To sum it up, in Wikipedia fashion: Cinderella is given a pair of glass slippers by her Fairy Godmother to attend the ball at the king’s castle.  At the stroke of midnight, she loses one of the shoes, and the Grand Duke searches throughout the land to find the young maiden who fits the footwear.  Of course, the glass slipper fits only Cinderella; she becomes the Prince’s bride and the rest is history.

When it comes to one-to-one advertising, online brands need to provide their own glass slipper – by ensuring their ads are tailored to individual digital platforms.  The content may remain the same on mobile devices and desktop computers.  But if the content lacks technical design that is specific to either platform, brand messaging runs the risk of making little impression on consumers – which is not exactly the happy ending that advertisers want.

SundaySky found evidence that the glass slipper of personalized customer engagement is more than just fairy-tale talk.

For instance, a recent test for a brand account with both a mobile and desktop presence revealed that mobile-specific content is more effective for a mobile demographic.  

In a test, car buyers using mobile devices for their search (10% of the total brand’s user base) were split into two groups.  Although both sets of potential customers were exposed to the same content, one group was given the company’s desktop ad while the other got the mobile ad – a version with larger letters, cleaner messaging, and a square format. 

Desktop                                                                               Mobile

SundaySky used internal attribution to determine the conversion rate for each group, excluding fallbacks.  The results indicated that car buyers searching on their mobile devices preferred the mobile creative by exhibiting a 13% lift in conversions over those who were served the desktop creative.

On the heels of this study, SundaySky recommended that the brand move all mobile impressions to mobile-specific content; in other words, the glass slipper was found for customers using mobile devices.  

Future experiments will test mobile and desktop content on the brand’s desktop consumers, while other accounts will be similarly tested for both formats.  But whatever the results of these studies may be, SundaySky is ready and able to target consumers with its SmartVideo technology – personalized video that reaches and speaks to the audience of one.    

For one-to-one engagement to truly succeed, a brand’s advertising is only as effective as how it’s received.  SundaySky can achieve that goal by fitting your company’s creative for delivery across any digital platform.  We incorporate qualitative and quantitative data and become intimately familiar with your audience, your brand, and your goals, so you get the glass slipper that fits your consumers best.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s on a mobile or desktop device.   

And we guarantee there won’t be a crack in it.