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News & Press Bank of America Sees Personalized Video as Key to Rewards Program Loyalty

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Financial Services Customer Loyalty

CX is evolving into deeper forms of immersion and personalization as financial firms and ecommerce brands seek stronger customer bonds. Watch PYMNTS TV as CEO Karen Webster and special guests John Sellers, Rewards Executive at Bank of America and Jim Dicso, CEO at SundaySky, delve into video experiences, creative uses of digital communications channels, and how these fit together to deliver the new consumer preferences.

To say that digital has had an explosively accelerated year in the world of financial services is hardly an exaggeration. And yet, PYMNTS recent data on the subject, even in this year of massive digital transformation, nearly half of all banking customers reported that when it came to seeking out information about new banking services, they preferred to head to physical bank branches. The online channels, they reported, are often too confusing or irrelevant to use. Going to a branch and having someone explain new banking services or products is vastly preferable to having to read lines of black and white text.

Video becomes a very effective media in this regard and Bank of America has been working with SundaySky for the last several years to integrate it into its digital customer journey. A bank’s goal is pretty clear when it comes to building online journeys. Banks want to increase customer satisfaction, deepen their customer relationship and grow the business. What Bank of America has seen over the few years of integrating video into its digital customer journey is that it’s increasingly able to deliver on all three.

Watch the virtual roundtable discussion with Bank of America Rewards Executive John Sellers and SundaySky CEO Jim Dicso, hosted by PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster, below, or view it here on