Elevate your B2B video strategy with SundaySky’s Marketo connector 

Apryl Casale May 07, 2024
Elevate your B2B video strategy with SundaySky’s Marketo connector 

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our data connector marketplace: Adobe Marketo Engage! Marketo is the world’s largest marketing automation platform and SundaySky x Marketo users can now easily access their real-time customer data within the SundaySky Video Platform to create personalized B2B video content at scale.

This integration marks a significant stride in our commitment to making video personalization for all B2B marketers a reality. We’ve made using Marketo real-time data for video personalization as simple as personalizing an email. The ability to use Marketo data to personalize narration, text, and assets within videos sets SundaySky apart from other enterprise video platforms.

What other platforms are already integrated with SundaySky’s data connector marketplace?

With the expanding marketplace, which already includes integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce, we are increasingly meeting users where they are to make adopting SundaySky into existing processes seamless. This integration will empower users to add personalization to every step of the customer journey, impacting how they engage with customers through dynamic content.

So, how can this benefit my business?

The SundaySky x Marketo connector means you can take your customer experience to the next level with personalized B2B video content and create tailored journeys.

By connecting SundaySky to Marketo, you can easily create a personalized video that you can use across a range of B2B use cases, including recruitment, platform training and in addition to: 

  • Account-based marketing (ABM): Pull in firmographic or geo data to segment by company size or location. Craft messages that speak directly to the target buyer to drive higher conversions.  
  • Customer onboarding: Create tailored onboarding experiences through video based on customer tier or products purchased. Drive the desired next best action to ensure adoption and usage. 
  • Product Marketing: Use data to drive release & product launch videos based on the product or solution your customer has purchased.

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How does the SundaySky x Marketo integration work?

With the data connector marketplace, integrating SundaySky with your Marketo account is easy. Just follow these simple steps: 

  1. Select the Marketo data connector from the Data Connector Marketplace
  2. Authenticate your Marketo account in SundaySky.
  3. Once you are authenticated, you can now map customer data from Marketo into the SundaySky Video Platform. 
  4. Create a video in the SundaySky Video Platform and access your customer data without having to leave the platform.

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What integration is next?

At SundaySky, we are continually innovating to provide the best possible video creation, personalization, and distribution experience. The release of the SundaySky x Marketo connector is an investment in our B2B video personalization capabilities. By seamlessly integrating into a user’s existing workflow, we are better poised to meet users where they are and transform the video industry. 

We are not done just yet! The data connector marketplace is continuing to expand to meet more clients where they are. Next, we will be adding a SundaySky x Snowflake connector. Keep up with our blog or follow us on LinkedIn to be the first to know.