Allied Solutions Deploys SmartVideos; Early Results Prove Effectiveness of Customer Engagement Solutions

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Allied Solutions Deploys SmartVideos; Early Results Prove Effectiveness of Customer Engagement Solutions

Jason Pineres October 06, 2014
Allied Solutions Deploys SmartVideos; Early Results Prove Effectiveness of Customer Engagement Solutions

Carmel, IN – Allied Solutions, provider of products and services to financial institutions, today announced it will offer SmartVideo technology, powered by SundaySky, to all its credit union clients.  In the financial services marketplace, consumers have many options, making the need to invest in technology solutions even greater in order to differentiate from competitors and retain loyal customers. With personalized videos tailored to each individual, members are engaged in a way that traditional print and electronic communications simply cannot.

PenFed recently rolled out a SmartVideo program for onboarding members, and the early results have driven measurable business impact. More than 90 percent of survey respondents say the videos help to understand account information and 79 percent watch the videos in their entirety. For credit unions, member loyalty and satisfaction are two of the biggest objectives, and with SmartVideo, 83 percent of PenFed’s members who view the video say they would refer a friend or family member.

To meet the needs of credit union members in the digital age, SmartVideo technology allows financial institutions to deliver engaging and effective personalized videos that welcome, support and retain members. Together, Allied Solutions and SundaySky are offering a cost-effective way to create data-driven, one-to-one videos that are delivered in real time, educating members about their accounts with the most up-to-date information. As a result, 50 percent of all PenFed video viewers respond to the targeted call to action, resulting in incremental cost savings that more than offsets the cost of the video.

“Greeting each member by name and walking them through the details of a new automobile loan, including the monthly payment and due date, is another way we can show our members how much we value their business”, said Shashi Vohra, Executive Vice President and President Affiliate Businesses at PenFed. “Rather than solely focusing marketing dollars on mail, e-mail and outbound calling, we are using more efficient and scalable technology to reach our members in an engaging and unique way.”

Pete Hilger, President, Allied Solutions, said, “We’ve been very impressed with PenFed’s early SmartVideo results. Our partnership with SundaySky is helping us to turn a historically low engagement point, such as loan details, into a better customer experience. And the program nicely complements our current offerings for financial institutions. It’s a win-win situation.”

“This partnership will help Allied Solutions to grow as a leader in the financial services industry, and by using the SmartVideo Lifecycle Marketing Platform, customers like PenFed will continue to see an increase in member loyalty, satisfaction and ROI,” said Jim Dicso, President and Chief Revenue Officer at SundaySky.

As a testament to the continued success of SundaySky’s SmartVideo Lifecycle Marketing Platform and self-service console, Allied Solutions is planning to roll out SmartVideo capabilities to all of its credit union clients into 2015.

About Allied Solutions

Allied Solutions serves more than 4,000 financial institutions nationwide, providing customized services and insurance programs. Founded in 1978, Allied Solutions is a wholly owned, independently operated member of Securian Financial Group and is not restricted to offering the products of one or a few companies. Allied Solutions offers a wide range of products services from a broad selection of providers.

About PenFed 

PenFed is one of the largest credit unions in the country serving more 1.3 million members worldwide; with more than $19 billion in assets. Its longstanding mission has been to provide superior financial services, responsive to members’ needs in a cost-effective manner. PenFed offers market-leading mortgages, automobile loans, credit cards, checking and a wide-range of other financial services with its members’ interests always in mind.