A Golden Arc: 2 Billion Personalized Videos and Counting

Yaniv Axen November 22, 2017
A Golden Arc: 2 Billion Personalized Videos and Counting

There’s a famous hamburger chain which shall remain nameless that takes pride in how many customers have passed through their doors. Once upon a time they kept score—“5 billion served,” “20 billion served,” and so on. Eventually this advertiser declared ad infinitum and summed up their accomplishments with a tidy “Billions and billions served.”  

Here at SundaySky, we’re thrilled to announce that in 2017 our personalized videos hit a high-water mark of TWO BILLION views! That’s two billion personalized videos generated in the moment, for two billion unique individuals.

The statistics tell you how far and how fast we’ve come. We hit the one billion mark for personalized videos last year, over a five-year period since we first launched SmartVideo in 2011; we delivered another one billion of them in just the past twelve months alone! We are on a mission to transform the relationship between brands and customers through personalized video. These results are a testament to the power of personal video storytelling, both for the brands that deliver them to their customers who view them, and the speed with which this sector continues to grow.

But success isn’t automatic—it’s the people who make it happen.

During this Thanksgiving week, we’d like to thank everyone who helped us achieve this incredible milestone moment:

  • Our innovative customers and partners, who lead their respective industries in digital transformation and differentiated customer experiences, and who help us drive the market forward in today’s age of the empowered consumer;
  • The viewers who watch SmartVideos—these empowered consumers have high expectations when it comes to digital experiences and content that is personally relevant, no matter the media channel or touchpoint;
  • Our investors, for believing in our vision from the very start;
  • And our dedicated, talented team members who work at SundaySky and bring this vision to life every day.

To show our gratitude, we’re sampling something off the menu: five examples of SmartVideo programs that recently launched, and are sure to help us hit the next billion views.


1. Personalized video advertising on Facebook for a luxury omnichannel retailer

This department store brand brings shoppers back to the website with video ad stories delivered to prospective customers on Facebook—one of the most personal social platforms where consumers expect all video content to be relevant to their interests and behavior. The videos highlight the product the shopper previously viewed (“parka jacket”). The videos’ vertical format is driven by the device on which the consumer is currently using (mobile, in this instance) and takes a unique storytelling approach to captivate the consumer’s attention immediately as she scrolls through her feed. (The boomerang story type here uses repetition to create a hypnotic effect consumers are familiar with thanks to Instagram.)



2. Personalized video for credit card onboarding for a global credit card issuer

New Platinum card members receive a personalized welcome video that walks them through the variety of rewards and benefits of this specific card. Educating new customers on the various aspects of the card’s rewards program and how they can maximize benefits and points earned drives higher value for each card member, as well as the digital tools the customers can take advantage of, such as enrolling in an online account, signing up for account notifications, and downloading the mobile app.



3. Personalized video advertising for an online home goods retailer

This online retailer brings shoppers back to the brand’s website with video ads that highlight the product the shopper viewed (“trundle bed”), the product category she was browsing (“bedroom furniture”), and a unique value point to her (“free shipping and easy returns”). The combination of millions of products x tens of categories x the most relevant message to the shopper equates to an unlimited number of video ad stories for this ecommerce brand.



4. Personalized video for digital payments for a leading retail bank

This personalized video example informs card members how to make payments online and via the brand’s mobile app. A customer’s specific payment due dates, billing cycle and statement balance are woven into the instructional scenes of the video. The video concludes with an interactive link to make an online payment and, for card members who do not have the mobile app, a second call-to-action reminds them how to download the mobile app.



5. Personalized credit report video for a top three consumer credit reporting bureau

This example of a personalized credit report video is aimed at enhancing the customer experience by explaining the individual’s credit behavior. Real-time data specific to the individual’s credit score, credit history, credit limit, late payments, and credit report inquiries prompt suggestions on how to use the account more efficiently and effectively. Links for the credit report, downloading the mobile app, and accessing a credit score simulator are included at the end of the video.  


It’s like approaching the drive-through window and having your meal already made-to-order.

It’s easy to track the quantity of personalized videos, but their value to brands is immeasurable. Think about it: customized videos that put the customer at the center of the story. It’s like approaching the drive-through window and having your meal already made-to-order. But unlike fast food which expands a customer’s waistline, personalized video offers healthy benefits to a brand’s bottom line, including higher customer retention and increased online sales and conversion rates.

So there you have it: some of the newest and best examples of personalized videos from the past year. And while two billion sounds nice, don’t think we’re resting on our laurels. In fact, we’re just getting started. That brand with the golden arches may have given up on the numbers long ago…

But we’re still counting.