Giving brands a personal touch

Video humanizes a brand, differentiating it in the market. By combining sight, sound, and motion to tell a story, video communicates in a way that written copy and still imagery simply cannot. The emotions evoked by a good video can stimulate strong interest and lasting brand affiliation. What’s more, video can educate, explain and entertain in ways display, text and search cannot. It is particularly effective in the small-screen world of mobile, where display and search can be easily missed.


Adaptable to each individual

Built in a modular fashion and designed for scalability, personalized video employs real-time scene sequencing to deliver relevant storytelling, messaging and creative. In effect, it allows consumers to become authors of their own video experience based on their personal digital footprint.


Inspiring customers to take action

By combining the power of data with visual storytelling, personalized video can directly influence consumer behavior. Instead of a generic message with a greeting to the recipient, brands can now communicate with customers based on their current circumstances, preferences and status.


Ensuring targeted results every time

Personalized video serves as both a brand and a performance medium. Data-driven attributes and real-time sequencing allow video to go beyond building brand awareness and actually measure the incremental impact on consumer behavior. Brands no longer need to ask: Did the video deliver? Now they can ask: Did it perform? – and get answers that help drives their business.

See the Results for Yourself

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