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The Pulse on Professional Video: Trends Report

The Pulse on Professional Video: Trends Report

Businesses and organizations of all kinds know that video is critically important when it comes to connecting with the right audiences and dramatically increasing engagement across channels.  

So why aren’t businesses using more of it?  

In a study of 570 business leaders, we found that legacy production models and tools are no longer meeting business and customer needs. Professional video is lagging in digital maturity and a heavy reliance on traditional video production is time consuming and costly. Despite these challenges, teams and leaders are under tremendous pressure to accelerate video creation, make frequent updates, add personalization, and produce multiple types of video efficiently.  

The industry is ripe for disruption and the only way forward is to modernize video technology.  

SundaySky’s Pulse on Professional Video: Trends Report reveals emerging trends in the creation and use of video by businesses. Discover current video engagement strategies, production insights, marketing challenges, and get a head start on optimizing your professional video strategy with recommendations for the future of video content, creation, and personalization.  

  • On average, companies dedicate 31% of their annual budgets to video. Cost is the number one barrier to personalizing, updating, and doing more with video overall. 
  • 59% of businesses solely rely on people resources to create and update video. 
  • 64% of businesses update video content weekly or more often to continue to gain value and maximize investments in video. 
  • Video personalization is not yet the standard (55% don’t personalize), but the tipping point is fast approaching. 
  • Video isn’t going anywhere. 89% of businesses plan to maintain or increase video use in the future. 

It’s time to modernize your video technology. Download the full report.