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SundaySky Unveils End-to-End SmartVideo Lifecycle Marketing Platform

SundaySky Unveils End-to-End SmartVideo Lifecycle Marketing Platform

NEW YORK – SundaySky, the creator of SmartVideo, unveiled today its SmartVideo lifecycle marketing platform at the second annual SmartVideo Summit. The platform empowers marketers to tell engaging and effective stories with personalized video at any touch point in a brand’s acquisition of and engagement with consumers. These stories can be configured and managed, and results can be analyzed and optimized, through a self-service SmartVideo console. With increased demand for the use of personalized video throughout the customer lifecycle, the second-generation platform supports the need for greater flexibility in the creation and refresh of video creative, efficiency in the management of all aspects of SmartVideo programs, and a holistic view of SmartVideo value.

“SundaySky has made it easy for Cable ONE to be even more creative and incorporate scalable, multi-touch engagement video in our customer lifecycle,” said David Burzynski, Director of Digital Media at Cable ONE. “Putting the power of personalized video creation and management in our hands, as marketers, accelerates our time to market and our ability to affect our customers.”

The addressability of the consumer has changed because consumers are always connected in more places, on more devices and for more time. As such, the chief marketing officer (CMO) suite is not only challenged with off-the-charts complexity, but also to differentiate its brand through channel-agnostic experiences that are memorable and favorable at every touch point. The SmartVideo lifecycle marketing platform helps brands rise above the noise by enabling the delivery of differentiated experiences to consumers through the most engaging online medium — video. Because SmartVideo stories are personalized for each individual viewer, experiences are more engaging, and with stories and value tied together and measured across the consumer journey, they are also more effective.

During today’s SmartVideo Summit product keynote address, Kelly Ford, SundaySky’s vice president of marketing, said, “Today’s complex marketing environment requires holistic ownership over the consumer experience throughout the lifecycle, which drives measurable value for the brand. It’s about continually delivering experiences that matter to the consumer, while continually measuring and optimizing for what matters to the business.“

Key features and capabilities of the SmartVideo lifecycle marketing platform include:

  • End-to-end management console: A cloud-based, self-service management console for direct control over video content, real-time data feed, channel experiences, analytics and optimization.
  • Scene library and story management: Accessible from the SmartVideo console, the scene library is a central modular repository for all scenes supporting SmartVideo stories, allowing marketers to easily manage existing stories and reuse scenes to create new stories, which enables greater efficiency in deploying and scaling SmartVideo as a strategic, multi-touch engagement approach.
  • Delivery channel best practices: Templates for SmartVideo delivery experiences, such as email, SMS and landing pages, are available from the console and embedded with best practices to maximize the SmartVideo views and value.
  • Advanced value measurement: The new analytics dashboard gives marketers the ability to monitor and report on SmartVideo program performance. An advanced measurement methodology ensures SmartVideo value can be measured not only at a single point in time for a single touch point, but also over time and across touch points based on collective key performance indicators and associated values.
  • Intelligent creative optimization: Building on the power of SmartVideo to generate millions of video variations on the fly in real time to deliver the right story at the right time to the right viewer, this platform enhances optimization capabilities to automatically adapt creative based on performance. Variations are created for every creative aspect of the video, including story, structure, messages, look and feel, narrative style and voice, calls to action, pacing and more. The platform then selects the best variation for every viewer, based on automated machine-learning of viewer response, by modeling which viewer characteristics indicate preference for certain variations, as well as detecting individual preferences.

The SmartVideo lifecycle marketing platform will be officially released in May for SundaySky customers in the telecommunications and insurance industries, with other industries rolling out later this year. User-level training is available for marketers and designers.