SundaySky’s 3rd DevJam Kicks Off [Live Updates]

Ben Reich November 09, 2016
SundaySky’s 3rd DevJam Kicks Off [Live Updates]

Just over nine months ago, we here at SundaySky held our second DevJam hackathon as a new tradition in the name of innovation. The idea of these events is to give all of our employees the opportunity to voice any technological ideas they may have that they believe could be beneficial to the platform or our processes, and then to give our dev team the opportunity to turn these ideas into reality.

Originally posted 9 November at 12:40:

At 11am on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 SundaySky kicked off its third semi-annual hackathon with a host of new innovations. These inventions are slated to be tested and (hopefully) proven in the next 24 hours.

Our entire R&D staff, along with the creative and operations teams, has divided into 12 teams, each of which have set some very ambitious goals designed to take SmartVideo innovation to the next level.

Apart from operational improvements to make SmartVideo more efficient and scalable, the majority of the teams are focused on new ideas to increase viewer engagement.

Through innovations in the area of video impact and reach, our aim is to move yet another step forward in how SmartVideo is delivered to a wider audience and used to drive user behavior.

We are off on a 24 hour sprint to achieve some exciting new stuff conjured up by our employees to increase our leadership in the personalized video space and engage the audience of one.


Innovation hard at work.


Updated 9 November at 16:45:

It’s 11pm here in Israel, and we are half way through our DevJam hackathon. The place is buzzing with activity and people are in high spirits. After some great food and beer we continue to design code and implement.

We have been at it for 12 straight hours and people are starting to feel the deadlines looming. As people are building, testing and deploying code they are starting to consider the way to present their ideas to the rest of the company.

We are already starting to see cool innovation emerging with new technologies; from personalized virtual reality to new techniques in using Facebook’s live streaming for personalization.

More to come