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SundaySky SmartVideo Helps Nikkei Inc. Advance Digital Media Market

SundaySky SmartVideo Helps Nikkei Inc. Advance Digital Media Market

NEW YORK – SundaySky, powering personalized video engagement for leading brands, today announced that Nikkei Inc., the world’s largest financial newspaper, is launching a SmartVideo program to engage customers with multi-touch, personalized video. By using SundaySky SmartVideo as part of its customer relationship management (CRM) strategy, Nikkei aims to convert free users to paid subscribers, drive digital feature usage and content, and grow its customer-focused big data strategy.

With a daily circulation of approximately 3 million subscribers, 37 bureaus across the world and 1,300 local and international reporters, Nikkei is one of the most influential voices in the global financial market. Like many brands today, the publication is striving to drive digital-first adoption, and with its SmartVideo program, is the first media company to use personalized video for data-driven storytelling with its customers.

Yoshihiro Hirata, managing director at Nikkei, said, “Personalized, data-driven video helps us engage our customers on a one-to-one basis and educate them on the digital features and content we offer that best align with their subscriptions, interests and reading behaviors. SundaySky is a perfect fit to help our company take on this new digital medium and go from broadly sharing news to our millions of readers to disseminating personalized video messages to audiences of one.”

Nikkei’s big data strategy is powerful, and the company uses rich customer data to understand consumer behavior. This data will be critical in the company’s SmartVideo deployment, as its existing advanced data warehouse and business intelligence tools will help strengthen personalized video campaigns. Nikkei’s video initiative for CRM will center on three touch points, including a personalized welcome video for new subscribers, an educational video about Nikkei’s online features based on the subscriber’s 30-day usage data and an upgrade offer encouraging readers to convert to paid subscriptions. Over time, this strategy will expand to include additional touch points.

Jeff Hirsch, chief marketing officer at SundaySky, said, “Nikkei is changing the game for global media companies by adopting personalized video to change customer behavior. The company’s big data strategy was already progressive, and its customer data will help tailor its video campaigns and offer true value to individual subscribers. As digital media continues to evolve, Nikkei’s eye for trends and personalization will help it continue to lead the financial news market.”

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About Nikkei Inc.

Nikkei Inc. is one of the largest independent business media groups in Asia. Established in 1876 and upholding its corporate creed of being “fair and impartial”, Nikkei has consistently provided high-quality reporting on business, economic and international affairs. Group operations range from books and magazines to digital media, database services, broadcasting, economic/cultural events and other activities. In 2015, the Financial Times, world’s leading business news media, joined Nikkei group.