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SundaySky Automated Video Commerce Solution

SundaySky Automated Video Commerce Solution

Today at the Annual Summit in Las Vegas, SundaySky unveiled its groundbreaking video commerce solution that enables online marketers to simply and cost-effectively create automated, dynamically-generated, fully-interactive videos to enhance their sites. Online retailers and marketers have long desired to effectively add video to their websites for more effective product showcase, brand enhancement and sale conversion, but the traditional options for creating online video tend to be costly, resource-intensive and impossible to scale across products.

SundaySky’s video commerce solution enables the creation of product videos “on the fly”, with no human intervention. Furthermore, these videos are automatically updated in real-time to stay current with the website’s ever-changing content: prices, latest promotional deals, user ratings will instantly appear in high-quality videos. Online marketers can easily create a limitless number of online videos to support each and every product on their website and across online marketing channels, including video search and e-mail marketing.

SundaySky’s video commerce solution leverages the dynamic data from existing XML/RSS feeds and content management systems, allowing for a completely seamless integration with any online retailer and e-commerce website. The company will demonstrate its revolutionary video commerce solution at the annual conference in Las Vegas at booth #347.

“It has been proven that online video boosts conversion rates, lifts e-commerce sales and increases return visits. SundaySky’s video commerce solution takes these benefits to the next level,” says SundaySky founder and CEO, Shmulik Weller. “The ability to generate — with a single mouse-click — video clips for each and every product drives higher conversion rates, saves production time and costs, and significantly improves ROI”.

SundaySky video commerce solution includes several video templates: product showcase videos, product comparison videos and top products videos. The automatically generated clips present the product features, exclusive advantages of the product, pricing, availability and promote related products.