How Personalized Video Drives Emotional Connections

Lisa Avvocato July 21, 2016
How Personalized Video Drives Emotional Connections

As the “Age of the Customer” era continues, it has become increasingly clear that brands of all shapes and sizes are looking to develop emotional connections with consumers in order to drive brand loyalty and favorability.

A recent HBR study found that “fully connected customers are 52% more valuable, on average, than those who are just highly satisfied.” As a result, brands are constantly looking for innovative ways to deliver relevant, emotionally engaging communications.

In short, brands are looking for innovative ways to deliver emotionally relevant communications throughout the customer lifecycle.

Emotional relevance incorporates the power of personalization with the ability to elicit an emotional response – and personalized video is a perfect example. Video itself combines the power of sight, sound and motion, triggering an emotional response in a way written communications cannot.

By coupling video with one-to-one messaging, you create a powerful communication medium that captures attention and inspires action.

The overall impact was prevalent at this year’s SmartVideo Summit. Several brands shared how connecting with consumers on an emotionally relevant basis delivered phenomenal results. Here are a few of our favorite quotes that were shared throughout the day:

“Personalized videos show us as being a modernized, humanized, tech savvy brand.” – VP of Personalization, leading U.S. retail bank

This firm shared how they increased it’s Net Promoter Score and lifted mobile adoption by 25% by leveraging personalized video at several points in the customer lifecycle. 

“It’s about managing customer emotions as they’re experiencing th­­eir journey.” – Manager of Customer Relationship & Loyalty Marketing, Atlantis Paradise Island

The resort has not only taken the stress out of planning a vacation but lifted overall guest spend by 9% by sending personalized videos to each guest prior to arrival highlighting activities of interest. Download their case study here.

“SmartVideo evokes the right emotions during the benefit enrollment process.” – VP of Health & Wealth, a leading HR professional services company

This provider has transformed the complex benefits enrollment process with personalized videos that empower employees to take control and make sound decisions. Not only did 60% of employees enroll immediately, this firm experienced 158% growth in portal usage, 23% lower call volume, and 15% lift in paperless adoption.

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