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What Are the Emotional Drivers Behind Customer Experience?

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Company Customer Experience

For brands seeking to improve the customer experience (CX) across the entire customer journey, and increase customer loyalty and retention, many have changed their focus from customer satisfaction to creating an emotional connection. SundaySky CEO Jim Dicso discusses the emotional drivers and motivators for CX that build a customer connection that compels action: 

“In terms of consumer engagement and customer connection, emotional motivators are the triggers that enable us to make decisions and take actions in response to something,” he explained. “It’s the common ‘think, feel, do’ approach to delivering content: ‘think’ is the reason for making a purchase, but how you ‘feel’ about what you’re buying is the emotional appeal — whether it’s conscious or not. And ultimately the goal of content is to inspire customers to take the next ‘best’ action along their journeys.”
“This year has been a time where emotions run high, and brands need to tread lightly when it comes to building emotional connections with customers,” suggested Dicso. “Emotional intelligence is important in brand messaging as part of the overall digital customer experience, and it doesn’t take a major overhaul to do well.”
Dicso said that now is the time to practice empathy with customers and community, because people have naturally been emotionally vulnerable. “COVID-19 has made it vital to prioritize empathetic communication over brand values right now. Those with a business-as-usual strategy risk seeming tone deaf and chasing customers away. On the other hand, those that show customers understanding and thanks — a realization that these are challenging times, appreciation for their support, and explicit changes in place for the customers’ well-being — will gain greater appreciation from customers and stronger loyalty in the future.”