Video Trends Report



Video is a digital engagement superstar. So why aren’t businesses using more of it?

What’s working and what’s not? Where are things headed? ​​

To answer these questions, ​​SundaySky commissioned a survey of 570 business leaders in the U.S. to better understand the current challenges companies face in efficiently scaling their video efforts, delivering personalized video experiences, and analyzing and optimizing video performance.

In fact, 3 out of 5 businesses rely on traditional video production methods and resources over modern technology, hamstringing teams from creating and updating video at their preferred velocity.

Download this video trends report to see all the findings, including:

  • Professionally produced video is in urgent need of modernization: 59% of businesses solely relying on people resources to create and update video.
  • Video comprises a significant portion of budgets, and yet, it’s still too costly to do more with video: 31% of budgets are dedicated to professionally producing video.
  • Despite this high spending on video production, the research also found that companies identify cost as the #1 barrier to personalizing, updating and doing more with video overall.
  • Video personalization is not yet the norm, but will be soon: 55% of businesses do not personalize videos, but the tipping point is fast approaching.

If your team is constantly running into roadblocks to better video experiences, then download this video trends report to see all the findings and discover a new path forward for a modern approach to professionally produced video for your business.