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The State Of The US Grocery Shopper: Consumer Behaviors In The New Normal

Throughout waves of shutdowns and fears that the coronavirus pandemic has resurged, one place where online adults still show up is in grocery stores. In this way, the pandemic has essentially handed the grocery industry a golden ticket — as long as grocers update their existing in-store and (as yet often fledgling) digital capabilities. To truly take advantage of the sector’s success, grocery store executives need to understand how their customers’ expectations and behaviors around grocery shopping have changed in the short term and how they will evolve in the long term.

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  • How Covid-19 has changed the way US customers grocery shop: shifting in-store behaviors to online 
  • How shoppers feel about curbside pickup
  • Which new grocery shopping behaviors are likely to stick around post-pandemic 
  • Recommendations grocery retailers need to put in play to meet  evolving consumer expectations 

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