Customer Case Study

Inspire Account Holders to Achieve Financial Goals

T. Rowe Price leverages personalized video experiences to educate account holders on their investment plans to realize the potential of their contributions and inspire them to increase monthly salary deferrals in order to meet their financial goals. By delivering individualized information at various touch points along the investor journeys for 401k retirement savings and 529 college savings, the investment management firm helps account holders feel cared for and satisfied of goals met, maximizing retention and loyalty.

T. Rowe Price video viewers increased their salary deferrals and were more likely to complete a plan rollover from a prior 401K plan, opposed to non-video viewers. What’s more, personalized videos prove to be helpful with 97% of viewers reporting usefulness.

Scaling Video Across Investor Journey Touchpoints  Example video variations at the onboarding touchpoint and during an account checkin within the first year.