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T-Mobile Austria Rings in the Changes with SundaySky

Jason Pineres May 19, 2011
T-Mobile Austria Rings in the Changes with SundaySky

SundaySky, a leading provider of automated video production, today announced that T-Mobile Austria has adopted its technology to enhance online customer experience and increase web-based sales. Thanks to SundaySky, the leading communications company can now automatically and quickly generate large numbers of studio-quality videos without human intervention and at no extra cost beyond set up.

T-Mobile Austria was looking to add product videos to the website handset pages in order to provide online customers with a more interactive shopping experience. As a result, to ensure the right look & feel and the presence of its branding, T-Mobile Austria turned to SundaySky. SundaySky worked with T-Mobile Austria to deliver the branded experience and high-quality videos across the product portfolio. In addition to creating these videos the SundaySky technology automatically updates them to reflect changes in the product data. These automated changes occur three times a day in line with T-Mobile’s programs and pricing developments (a live example can be found here; click ‘produktvideo’ to play the video).

“With SundaySky, video creation is easy; as soon as a product is added to the system, the video is automatically generated. Creating videos manually is too costly and time-consuming and would not be an option for us,” said Stefan Cantarino, Vice President e-business T-Mobile Austria. “The scalability of the SundaySky solution, coupled with the vendor’s great support and knowledge, made our decision an easy one to take! Seeing that we also completely relaunched the T-Mobile website, the Sunday Sky videos are a great enhancement in that respect too.”

“A high-quality product video can significantly improve a customer’s shopping experience and help retailers increase conversion rates and average order value. We’re seeing major growth in the number of retailers adding videos to their websites,” said Jim Dicso, President and CRO of SundaySky. “SundaySky combines quality, scalability and dynamic refresh capability to ensure videos are always up-to-date and deliver measurable business results. This sets us apart in the industry and is one of the reasons why T-Mobile Austria,, and the Discovery channel among others have chosen SundaySky.”

SundaySky recently announced two significant milestones in the company’s growth, namely the creation of a staggering ten million videos and the opening of offices in France, Germany and the UK.