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SundaySky Customer Selected for Excellence in Enterprise Video Award

Jason Pineres March 28, 2012
SundaySky Customer Selected for Excellence in Enterprise Video Award

SundaySky, the creator of SmartVideo, today announced the selection of its customer Office Depot for the Excellence in Enterprise Video Awards at the Business Video Expo last month in Miami. The Excellence in Enterprise Video Awards are presented each year to industry thought leaders from innovative companies that have achieved success by deploying video in ways that drive tangible results for their organizations.

Office Depot used SundaySky’s SmartVideo technology to meet the award criteria, including:

  • Demonstrated business impact of online video deployed by the organization;
  • Engaged customers, prospects, employees or channel partners with online video;
  • Succeeded in monetizing online video through means such as advertising revenues or e-commerce sales;
  • Deployed unique video applications and creativity with measurable success; and
  • Demonstrated thought leadership by the implementation of online video in ground-breaking ways.

“Some of the most compelling developments in online video today are coming from innovative firms like SundaySky. SundaySky’s ability to automate video production to create large volumes of high-quality, customized and personalized videos on a cost-effective basis is a game changer,” said Paul Ritter, managing director of Interactive Media Strategies.

With SundaySky’s SmartVideo technology, brands such as Office Depot use SmartVideos to target potential customers and site-abandoners with real-time pre-roll ads that are personalized based on personal shopping characteristics and past browsing behaviors. Targeted SmartVideos provide each customer with relevant information, leading to significantly higher view-through, conversion rates and return-on-ad-spend (ROAS).

“What is so appealing about SmartVideo is the dynamic nature of it,” said Nicole Fraley, director, e-commerce initiatives for Office Depot. “With retargeted SmartVideo ads, our customers are returning to the Office Depot site at a very impressive rate. The return-on-investment percentages are higher than many of our display and remarketing campaigns.”

“SmartVideos empower prospects and customers by giving them the information they want at the time they need it and in a personalized format that balances information and entertainment. Whether companies want to introduce new pricing, demonstrate bill details, offer upgrade deals, or retarget their ads, SmartVideos ensure they can do so in a personalized, real-time manner throughout the customer lifecycle,” said Jim Dicso, president and chief revenue officer of SundaySky.