Meet the New SundaySky Brand Identity

Rachel Eisenhauer December 18, 2015
Meet the New SundaySky Brand Identity

Today is a big day for SundaySky, as we unveil our new brand identity. It is so much more than just a new logo…

For almost a decade, SundaySky has pioneered a new era of customer engagement by combining the power of video with personalized storytelling. Our SmartVideo Platform empowers industry-leading brands to communicate to prospects and customers on a one-to-one level, and we were ready for a brand identity that truly reflects this.

The cornerstone of our new identity is our redesigned logo. It is inspired by who SundaySky is and what SundaySky stands for: advancing the audience of one. The logo’s dynamic nature is always changing based on its current context at a moment in time, much like our product, SmartVideo. The central symbol always tells a story personalized to the audience, whether representing an industry solution or a technology pillar. (Check out the how the identity changes based on the industry page you are viewing on our new website, from ecommerce to banking to travel.) It portrays variability, embracing our wide variety of customers, the range of industries we serve and the solutions we provide throughout the customer lifecycle. Now, our logo truly manifests and depicts our dedication to the audience of one.

Our new look and feel incorporates white, open space to represent an open platform where solution possibilities are limitless and customized to an individual.

We’ve preserved our brand blues inspired by the sky – the light day blue and dark evening blue – to reflect the positive, delightful instance a consumer experiences when greeted by his or her first name in a personalized video. You will also see the introduction of warm and bold accent colors inspired by sunrises and sunsets, that will maintain our commitment to SundaySky’s new, unexpected and ever-changing identity.

We’re excited to hear what you think of our new identity, and to see what’s next for SundaySky.