SmartVideo for Travel

Accommodate your guests and give travelers the personal touch with SmartVideo. Travel, hospitality and leisure companies make customers feel right at home with personalized video solutions. Personalized videos drive more bookings, increase the average order value per booking, support the customer travel journey, and reduce cancellations.

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Guest & Traveler Acquisition

The SmartVideo Marketing Cloud creates personalized video advertisements, tailored to key consumer attributes. Attract and convert prospects and existing customers by shifting the focus away from competitors and back to your brand, resulting in more bookings. Personalized video dynamically highlights recently searched locations, promotions and popular travel destinations.

Proven SmartVideo Impact:

  • Drive higher bookings and return visits
  • Increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Increase brand stickiness

Learn how Trip Advisor drives hotel bookings

Guest & Traveler Pre-trip Welcoming

SmartVideo sets customer expectations and drives excitement before arrival. Welcome new guests by explaining upcoming trip details like dining options, area information and activities. The SmartVideo Marketing Cloud can turn CRM data into a powerful and personalized video experience for each customer’s travel destination. Leverage guest and traveler data to deliver individual video experiences that capture additional revenue through cross-sell and upsell opportunities and drive repeat purchases.

Proven SmartVideo Impact:

Guest & Traveler Upgrade Offers

SmartVideo showcases special features and promotions for a travel or hospitality destination. Encourage travelers to go beyond their normal booking experiences with data-driven promotions like priority boarding, larger seats, upgraded rooms, and spa services.

Proven SmartVideo Impact:

Watch how Atlantis encourages trip upgrades

Rewards Program Education & Engagement

Use personalized video solutions to demonstrate the benefits of joining a loyalty rewards program. Explain how to earn points while simultaneously exciting guests and travelers. Got a multi-tiered program? SmartVideo incentivizes members to earn more points by highlighting tier benefits and features.

Proven SmartVideo Impact:

  • Increase program awareness and sign-ups
  • Reduce loyalty program churn
  • Increase point accumulation

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Customer Story: Atlantis

Atlantis Paradise Island launched a guest pre-arrival SmartVideo program, focused on increasing revenue per booking and driving guest engagement.

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