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American Express

Financial Services

Having multiple lines of business with different goals can make it challenging to quickly & efficiently create CX content. American Express leverages SundaySky’s Video Experience Platform to deliver personalized and immersive digital experiences across several cards to solve different pain points in the customer journey.

For American Expresses’ most popular cards, including Platinum, a personalized video experience welcomes new cardholders and reinforces how the card works to drive utilization, awareness and education of benefits, ultimately increasing card usage. To educate cardholders on digital tools, a video experience is tailored to cardholders that explains mobile app features like payments and going paperless, helping customers save time and increase their satisfaction with the brand. Finally, with new payment options available, video is delivered to Gold, Platinum and Green cardholders to educate them on how they can choose to pay over time, like turning a balance into three payments or have 12 months to pay a transaction.