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Customer Success

Optimization – SundaySky offers ongoing performance assessments and strategy consultations to grow the value of your investment. The optimization team brings wisdom from analyzing over 4 billion views and insights from our Video Experience Platform’s platform’s artificial intelligence layer. This service finds hidden opportunities in your data and helps you better understand your audience to optimize content and make more informed decisions.

Business Intelligence – Our team partners with you to understand your measurement methodology, provide insight into performance, and optimize your video experience strategy to meet and exceed business goals.

Advertising – A dedicated Campaign Management team guarantees your brand quality standards and your ongoing success while managing media spend and campaign performance. SundaySky uses proven expertise in video advertising design, testing, and safe placement in programmatic and social environments.

Creative Strategy

This team ensures your video-powered experiences delight viewers and drive the desired behavior changes. Creative Strategy Directors assess your key goals, current audiences, and messaging, and build out holistic strategies utilizing the platform to its full potential. We’ve baked in design, animation, content, and domain expertise into our industry-specific offerings. Learn more about activating solutions to your industry’s toughest challenges here.


Enablement & Support

Our platform training experts equip your team to independently build, edit, and measure video-powered experiences. We offer enablement programs for business users, creative agency partners, data analysts, and more. Our dedicated 24/7 team and always-on help center support you throughout your transformation journey.


Viewer Experience
Center of

Viewer Experience design is the practice of enhancing viewer satisfaction and engagement from a viewing experience. The discipline improves the digital experiences’ usability, accessibility, and value. Unique to SundaySky, the department provides wisdom informed by 12 years of unparalleled experiences. The service implements design best practices before, during, and after the video to optimize a viewer’s overall experience. The team also conducts experiments to extract data insights and deliver customer-specific recommendations.

Video Production

Our creative studio offers years of experience across all digital channels, formats, and video marketing services. This team works with you to build custom video-powered experiences and enables your teams, partners, and users to create and modify video on your own. They specialize in all aspects of video production including visual design, dynamic animation, narration recordings, and scripting.

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