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4 Characteristics of Exceptional Customer Experiences

Kelly Gentile Aug 4, 2017 Solutions Marketing Manager
Best Practices Customer Experience

In the age of the highly informed consumer, the only way for brands to distinguish themselves from their competitors is through exceptional customer experiences. By personalizing customer experiences, brands are able to deliver relevant and valuable content that actually helps a customer along their journey and breeds loyalty with every single touchpoint. Our CEO Jim Dicso recently wrote a piece for MarTech Advisor titled “The 4 Must-Have Elements of Exceptional Customer Experience” in which he explains the 4 key characteristics of every great customer experience in today’s market. He prefaces his list by explaining that these characteristics were ushered in by brands like Amazon and Netflix, who are digital natives and are customer experience focused above all else. Once he establishes the importance of exceptional customer experiences and the origin of this movement, he delves into how personalization, digital-first thinking, and video-led engagement all play major roles in what makes a customer experience exceptional in today’s market.