Customer Case Study

LA Kings Showing Love for Fans

NHL team the Los Angeles Kings is based in the city where content is king and sports teams abound. When season ticket renewal period comes round, the team uses SundaySky to support its fan base with one-to-one communications as part of its sports marketing strategy, nurturing lifelong fans and enduring business, season after season. 

SundaySky enables the LA Kings’ sales and service team to personalize video communications and engage season ticket holders during renewals. From pre-game planning to parking, food options to puck drop, SundaySky personalized videos make the sports marketing experience compelling and gets fans excited each season and for every game.

There is a finite number of tickets available in any venue and the team aims to expand revenues from ticket holders while keeping up with sports fans’ preferences and consumption trends, such as favoring game highlights on social media. The LA Kings’ sports marketing strategy leverages personalized video for season ticket holders, increasing the reach of its digital content, scaling its utility, and hyper-personalizing it at the same time.

With customized videos using electrifying imagery to get fans pumped for the upcoming season, the LA Kings sales team uses SundaySky video analytics, such as view rates and amount of time spent viewing, to understand engagement and to score renewal likelihood. SundaySky helps busy sports marketing staff to amplify limited resources while being extra agile with their video messages, optimizing content and adjusting tone game by game in real time as the season progresses.  

LA Kings brings their hockey fandom engagement strategy to scale with SundaySky, using video footage, tailored content, and informed by data and automation, to reach fans and encourage them to become part of the team on and off the ice.

“SundaySky videos amplify fan excitement and engagement and are an information source. It’s the perfect way for us to scale in a different medium and it’s been an important tool in our arsenal of aligning customer service with our organizational vision.”

Mason Donley
SVP, Ticket Sales, Service & Operations, LA Kings