SundaySky delivers a powerful video marketing platform that enables personalized storytelling across the consumer lifecycle. More Fortune 500 marketers and customer experience professionals trust SundaySky than any other provider to power personalized video experiences that drive human behavior change and measured customer value. Headquartered in New York City, SundaySky has additional offices in Tel Aviv and Tokyo and is the only SOC II and HIPAA-compliant video marketing company in North America. In 2017, SundaySky generated more than $1.4 billion in measured value for its customers, including AT&T, United Healthcare, Citi, Staples, Verizon, and more.

Let’s Get Personal

We believe consumers are unique individuals – not a group of demographics – and that each wants to be communicated to in a personal and compelling way. We believe in treating every consumer as an audience of one. We know personalized video will be a transformative customer engagement strategy because of its power to change human behavior. At SundaySky, it is our mission to deliver a powerful video marketing platform that enables personalized storytelling across the consumer lifecycle for leading marketers and customer experience professionals.

Our History

In 2006, Shmulik Weller and Yaniv Axen founded SundaySky when they asked each other: “What if video could be created dynamically and at scale the way webpages are?” In a quest to answer that question, our dynamic video generating engine was born. Our personalized video technology has evolved from requiring 47 minutes to render the very first automated video to requiring mere milliseconds to generate each personalized video by our platform, which has made it possible to generate more than 2 billion personalized videos, rendered in real time and viewed to date.

Since then, we’ve been pioneering robust data-driven technology and leveraging the expertise of our diverse team to push the market forward and transform the brand-customer relationship. As vanguards, we don’t wait for challenges to emerge; we continuously innovate to anticipate them.

What Does SundaySky Mean?

Our company uniquely blends art and science, creating a new paradigm where video content and creative is generated by data and machine learnings. The Sky is our guide, where art meets science: clouds are constantly shifting to make unique shapes and stars converge to form constellations as visual renderings. We paired Sky with Sunday because it’s the first day of a new week and the start of something exciting and fresh. We are embarking on a new era of art and science, of design and technology, of business value and consumer experience. SundaySky represents a new age of endless possibilities. SundaySky’s the limit!

By the Numbers

  • Founded: 2007
  • Three global offices: New York, Tel Aviv and Tokyo
  • Personalized videos generated and delivered to date: more than 2 billion
  • Funding raised to date: $77.2 million through Series E round
  • Telecommunications customers: Four of the top 10 MSO providers and two of the top four wireless carriers
  • Ecommerce customers: Thirteen of the top 50 Internet retailers
  • Insurance customers: Seven of the top 10 insurers
  • Healthcare customers: Four of the top 10 healthcare insurers
  • Banking customers: Three of the top four banks


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