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I’m not referring to video player software, but the top participants driving online video innovation today. If you follow our blog regularly, are familiar with the online video industry, or are just a connected customer then you know that video is booming and will only continue to grow both in video consumption and video ad spending. Between brands, content sites and people, here is a round up of the 15 video players innovating the industry that you should be following today.


1. Zappos

We all know that Zappos was the pioneer in product videos, even before product videos were automated at scale (back in 2010 they uploaded their 50,000 product video). But more than delivering product videos (and happiness!) they showcase the hilarious Zappos culture via videos. Their site hosts five different blogs, one devoted to video.

2. Toyota

Beyond the “How-To Care and Maintenance” videos on the site, Toyota is using tailored videos based on their customer’s preference and individual lifestyles to recommend the best auto for each customer. (We are honored to partner with the brand on this SmartVideo technology, too.)

Toyota "ChooseControl" Personalize Videos

3. AT&T

Not only is AT&T revolutionizing the way telcos deliver consumers their bills, they are blazing sharing such news regularly via videos on their Innovation Space.


4. Matt Strauss

Comcast Cable’s SVP of Digital and Emerging Platforms leads the cable giant’s multiplatform video strategy and video on demand service, Xfinity (iPad app at right). Now the 20-year veteran is taking VOD into a new frontier: testing Facebook integration and building a recommendation algorithm based on viewers’ preferences and friends’ suggestions. Hmm… personalization anyone?

5. Peter Scott

VP of Emerging Media at Turner Sports, Scott knows where the revenue is. He watches evolving technologies – such as targeted advertising – and stresses that consuming video is a very different experience than just watching through TV, so ensure that a message resonates with an individual persona. Watch his recent interview with Streaming Media here.

6. Mark Robertson

ReelSEO is one of our favorite online business video news blogs, so it is no surprise that founder and publisher Robertson is one of our go-tos. The avid tweeter is an expert resource for marketers looking for tools and trends on all things online video marketing, and especially great for small and medium-sized businesses producing their own videos.

Channels, Website & Agencies

Socialbakers.com7. Socialbakers

What we like about this social media and analytics company is they monitor and rank YouTube channels by channel views, subscribers and total uploaded videos. Filter rankings by country, YouTube channel tags, or segments (brands, celebs, sports, etc.) and see the top five growing channels of the month, week and day.

8. Machinima

Speaking of strong YouTube channels, this premier online entertainment network brand has been gaining tremendous strength over the last year. Named after a mashup of “machine + cinema,” they are ranking as the #1 entertainment channel and the #2 YouTube channel overall.

9. Visible Measures

Visible MeasuresThis platform, measuring online video advertising, content and audiences, has developed one of the largest video data footprints. You can follow online video campaigns as they rise through industry charts of top viral video ads, top brands in video, top film trailers and more. These charts are updated monthly and published with relevant media channels such asAdvertisingAgeiMedia Connection and Variety, respectively.

10. Startup Videos

This site compiles the best in startup promotion and explanation videos, as well as a comprehensive list of the designers and agencies that created the videos and a submission form to be listed (whether a designer or startup). Plus additional points for its simple, responsive web design and easily embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos. It’s the token geek-chic player on our list.

11. Motionographer

For all the creative out there, this blog centers on video, design and motion graphics. A must for inspiration and a favorite of our VP of Creative, the site shares a great resources list for tutorials, events, communities, and even more inspiration.

12. Interlude

This startup creates interactive video experiences à la “Choose Your Own Adventure” by viewers interacting with the video, very popular among music videos. The company is both technology and creative driven, with a platform that designs, builds, encodes, tracks and measures. Plus, they have a killer website.


13. Vscreen

The SundaySky partner is an online video agency and studio focuses on the real estate industry with innovative tech based solutions such as personalized market update videos for brokers like this one here.

VivaKi ASq14. The Pool by VivaKi

I’ve been following VivaKi’s work with The Pool since they released ASq at Ad Week in 2010. Most likely you’ve experienced the ASq on Hulu—it is an ad treatment that allows the viewer to choose the ad they prefer to watch before moving onto site content. This ad model was the first to give consumers a sense of control in selecting an ad targeted to their needs. (Fast forward two years and SmartVideo is selecting targeted ads for the consumer.)

15. Taboola

Whether you are a video publisher or marketer, this video discovery and distribution platform supplies personalized video recommendations on-site within video players increase and recirculate traffic.

Did I miss any? Would love to hear from you on who you think are the key online video participants we should be following!



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