4 Ways Brands Use Video to Improve CX Engagement

Seth Marlowe October 12, 2020
4 Ways Brands Use Video to Improve CX Engagement

SundaySky is helping some of the world’s top brands drive breakthrough levels of customer engagement, and, concurrently, major business value. Our customers use SundaySky video-powered experiences to solve different customer experience (CX) challenges, but the shared goal is improving customer engagement.

At our SundaySky Virtual Summit 2020, our customers explained how they’re applying video to offer better experiences and create more human connections. We’d like to spotlight four and share how each brand uses video-powered experiences to improve digital CX at different points along the customer journey, all with outstanding results.

Here is a short highlight video to preview each customer’s story: 

1) E*TRADE: Video-Powered Experiences Onboard New Customers 

Alice Milligan, EVP and Chief Customer Officer at E*TRADE, discussed that while the firm effectively acquired good customers who opened an account, those customers weren’t always funding their accounts or taking actions beyond the first 90 days. E*TRADE partnered with SundaySky to redefine the customer experience during critical customer journeys, like the onboarding journey. They created personalized onboarding videos for new brokerage and retirement customers. 

The results are impressive: a 1,000% increase in account funding rates, a 104% lift in the amount of initial funding, a 130% increase in net new assets, and a 23% lift in E*TRADE’s average annualized revenue. New account funding quickly transformed from a 4-year negative trend to a positive one. The company also saw an increase in digital engagement and usage.

“In our first month after launching the onboarding videos, we’ve seen customer engagement with the video significantly increase and is much higher than traditional email and digital placements alone. We also saw a significant lift in our business results between customers that watch the videos and the control population we set up that did not receive the videos.” — Alice Milligan, EVP and Chief Customer Officer at E*TRADE

2) 1-800 Contacts: Humanizing the Customer Experience at Scale 

1-800 Contacts truly values personal connections. When Covid-19 shut down eye doctors’ offices, 1-800 Contacts experienced an exponential increase in orders. Instead of implementing a customer service bot, the company hired even more call center employees. But to scale the personal connections for which the company is known, it’s using SundaySky’s individualized video-powered experiences.

Customers receive a personalized video along with their prescription by the doctor who reviewed the eye exam, creating a connection between doctors and patients. Video-powered experiences help 1-800 Contacts reach customers on a digitally engaging yet personal level with information tailored to their needs. 

As more consumer experiences move to digital spaces and channels, individualized videos help direct-to-consumer brands build trust, relationships, and connections. 1-800 Contacts’ goal is to create the optimal combination of human and digital support for outstanding customer service and engagement by leveraging the unique advantages of each. This customer-centric approach led by CMO Phil Bienert keeps the brand’s Net Promoter Score in the high 80s

3) Lovesac: The Value of Video Throughout the Buying Journey 

Furniture brand Lovesac has around 100 showrooms in the U.S. where customers can try out offerings, see different fabric samples, and learn about products. But the pandemic meant the temporary closure of all its physical stores. Particularly for Lovesac’s Sactionals—its line of completely modular couches—having prospective customers visit the stores so they could see how they work was extremely important.

The company needed to digitally replicate the personal service and education that it offers as part of its in-store experience. Lovesac partners with SundaySky to create video-powered experiences that responded to shoppers’ questions, needs, and concerns, whether that’s how the sections fit together, if the covers are washable, or if Sactionals are expandable. Watch examples of Lovesac’s dynamic video advertising experiences.

4) Kaiser Permanente: Interactive Video Experiences Reduce Contact Center Calls & Improve Member Engagement 

Kaiser Permanente’s new members are sent information over various channels to help them understand their benefits and important information like how to schedule medical appointments. But during the first month post-onboarding, a large volume of new members were calling their support centers. It needed a communication method that could provide new members with the information they needed and reduce the amount of customer support calls. 

“What we really saw was an opportunity to utilize a more interactive modality that wasn’t just read a text or read a piece of paper or read copy on a landing page, but something that could really interact with members that they felt was personal to them, that they could really engage with.” Mona Desai, New Member Experience Marketing at Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente selected SundaySky’s video-powered experiences to help improve the customer experience and provide individualized member information. New members appreciated the videos, and call center volume dropped. Kaiser Permanente was also able to quickly adapt its messaging to the Covid-19 pandemic and apply a more empathetic narrative and tone to its existing video experience: 

There’s a Video-Powered Experience for Every Moment

These are only a few examples of how video-powered experiences can be used at every step of the customer journey. Whether you need to quickly pivot, adapt to changing market demands, or improve your digital CX quality, delivery, and timeliness, SundaySky allows brands to quickly and effectively create the video-powered experiences that best serve their needs.

The goal is always to improve CX and customer engagement. Download our white paper to learn more: Transformational CX: Video-Powered Experiences Meet Consumers’ Demands.