Dan Sylvester Fri Dec 21, 2018

The concept of brand marketing is one that tends to take a backseat when it comes to mid-sized companies these days. Spending money on awareness campaigns seems wasteful when you’re working with a tight budget and you have a myriad of available performance marketing options, but the truth is that many of these marketing teams probably have some leftover budget sitting around at the end of each year.

If this sounds familiar, let me propose an innovative use of those funds that will drive measurable performance value and forever change the way you think of video.

Video, traditionally seen purely as a brand marketing tool, can now be rendered in real-time and personalized with the most up-to-date customer data, in order to drive performance metrics. In addition to introducing video to performance marketing solutions, video personalization technology delivers one-to-one videos which drive deeper engagement and are more cost-effective  to make than traditional video. This makes personalized video an extremely affordable and innovative option for mid-sized companies to invest their marketing budgets in.

Personalization has made video an affordable marketing tool with great potential.

Mid-sized businesses often assume that quality video marketing is out of their price range. They are fearful of large production budgets allocated to a single asset that can be used only for a single goal. With technologies like ours, which use scene libraries to transform video from a static, linear asset to a dynamic, non-linear tool, brands are able to deliver video across their customer lifecycle, at scale, for a fraction of the cost. Breaking every aspect of a video into individual, modular pieces that can be tied to specific goals and reused, results in the creative assets becoming evergreen tools that lead to a much higher return on investment than traditional video.

Imagine that every scene you create, shoot, or build can be used infinitely vs. purposed for one-time use within the constraints of traditional linear video. When you think of video production this way then the cost of video production drops drastically, when compared to the return you get for each dollar spent. Since your video assets are no longer single-use creative pieces, the costs to produce video scenes are less labor intensive and more cost effective, with stock footage banks and motion graphic technology available within all budget levels. At SundaySky we use our own motion graphic technology in sync with our personalization technology, to build and publish dynamic video scenes in a matter of minutes. So, if you don’t have the resources in-house to build the video creative then we’ve got you covered.

Personalized video delivers real business value across the customer lifecycle.

In addition to being more affordable than expected, personalized video is the only tool that can perform throughout the customer lifecycle without the need for completely different tactics for each touchpoint. Personalized video can accomplish the goals at each touchpoint without additional formats or tools. For example, personalized video can act as a beacon of awareness during the first time a prospect encounters a brand, by mixing entertainment with brand messaging to grab the prospect’s attention and then pique their interest in what the brand has to say.  Personalized video can reuse the brand messaging scene(s) at a second touchpoint in order induce recognition, plus add new scenes that educate the prospect on what value the brand can provide them. The modularity of scenes within a library enables the use of video assets at multiple points across the consumer lifecycle.

Unlike display ads or even static video ads, personalized videos can accomplish a variety of goals to support acquisition and retention strategies successfully. Introducing a dynamic solution like this can provide assets for every touchpoint and dramatically reduce production costs, delivering both top line performance and bottom line production savings.

What are you doing today to keep up with a consumer who has an insatiable appetite for video? What preparations have you made for the time when 80% of consumer traffic will be driven by video? Well, that time is now, and there isn’t a better time than the present to reevaluate how you’re investing your end-of-year funds.

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