How to Accelerate the Video Creation Process with Getty Images

Maria Massad February 14, 2022
How to Accelerate the Video Creation Process with Getty Images

When you’re in the midst of your video creation process, there’s no time to waste. The time spent waiting for your internal teams to deliver assets to you or scouring the web to source media could be the difference between a customer captured or retained and a customer lost.

SundaySky equips customers to easily access Getty Images’ royalty-free creative library of 90M+ quality images, illustrations, and videos to use in their programs during the video creation process.

About SundaySky + Getty Images

Accessing stock photos and videos directly in the SundaySky platform expedites the video creation process. This partnership helps you:

  • Tell your stories in video with less effort and time spent on the editing process, at a lower cost than buying individual assets would be.
  • Support marketers’ ability to create, share, and optimize video at scale – without the roadblocks of known media availability blockers.
  • Personalize quality assets from the stock library with advanced editing capabilities as desired.

How SundaySky’s Getty Images Library Works

When creativity strikes, there’s no time like the present to execute. Our library of Getty Images expedites your video creation process by providing a quick search and find feature that narrows down the right high-quality media to add to videos. Searching by subject, topic, or category means locating the highest quality media additions hassle-free, saving you time in the long-run.

Then, after you have previewed and selected their chosen images and videos, you can insert them into scenes for both the proof of concept and final videos during the video creation process.

Optimal Timing for Easy Edits to Assets

Creators like you no longer have to wait on other teams to provide them with personalized assets that reflect their brand to embed in their videos. SundaySky is empowering you to quickly edit media and trim video segments available through the Getty Image library, directly in our platform. 

Getty Images Integration

“The SundaySky Video Platform’s integration with Getty Images unlocks a ton of value for our customers, allowing them to tell unique video stories easier and faster than ever.”

Apryl Casale, Director of Product Marketing at SundaySky

Improve Your Video Creation Process with Getty Images

Stock assets from Getty Images streamlines your time to market in SundaySky and makes it easier for you to incorporate video in your video creation process and marketing mix to reach prospects and retain customers, faster.

Don’t make your audience wait to hear from you. Get started with SundaySky and Getty Images today.