Customer Case Study


Members of MileagePlus, the frequent flyer loyalty program of United Airlines, historically received physical collateral packages when they reached new tiers within the rewards program. Looking to transform this approach into a digital customer engagement strategy – accelerated with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic – United Airlines looked to amplify its MileagePlus program and deepen engagement with video.

The airline uses the SundaySky Video Platform to deliver personalized video experiences at key moments in the customer journey: to onboard new members and educate on all of the benefits of the loyalty program, and to celebrate and welcome existing members to the tier milestone they have reached. Both touch points are focused on driving digital tool adoption, retaining members by conveying the value of the program and reviewing benefits previously received, and deepening customer engagement.

The ability to provide this level of personalization at scale allows United Airlines to show appreciation to members in a highly custom and cost-effective manner, as well as providing relevant education that results in a better customer experience.

Additionally, United Airlines’ uses SundaySky to build videos targeted at travel directors for its corporate clients. This B2B video experience is focused on educating clients on the value of the airlines’ corporate preferred program benefits and encourages MileagePlus adoption.


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