When to Use 15-Second vs 30-Second Retargeted Video Ads

Rachel Eisenhauer October 18, 2012
When to Use 15-Second vs 30-Second Retargeted Video Ads

Similar to television advertising, the most effective lengths for online video ads are 15 and 30-second spots. Yet the advantage SmartVideo advertising has over TV is that pre-roll ads are targeted to customers based on their individual behavior, value or other personal relevance. But which video ad length is most successful at converting site abandoners in to your loyal customers?

The marriage of retargeting and video advertising is a match made in marketing heaven. You already know the secrets to delivering retargeted video ads, so here are the details for when to use a 15-second video ad versus a 30-second one.

Bid on 15-second video ads for repeat “shop-a-lot” customers

These customers have a high impression value because they visit your site and purchase more frequently than any other segment, such as first-time buyers or non-customers. Therefore, a 15-second ad is enough to re-engage them, either by showcasing the last product viewed or a related item of a recent purchase. Furthermore, repeat customers are familiar with your brand, so save those extra 15 seconds for a prospect who is not. Additional characteristics of a high-value customer:

  • Subscribes to one-click checkout
  • Visits frequently – two or more times per week

Bid on 30-second video ads for visitors and first-time buyers

These customers have a lower impression value because they are not as likely to convert. Whether it is a prospect in the research stage, or a browser abandoning his cart, hit them with a 30-second ad to deliver your brand message, the last product viewed, and perhaps a promo code, to drive them back to your site and make that purchase. Additional characteristics of a low-value customer:

  • Abandons shopping cart
  • Visits infrequently – one to three times per month
  • Spends more time on-site (10-20 minutes) than a customer who knows what they want


What do you think? Which video ad durations are you utilizing? Please share your comments below.

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