Video, Data, the Direct Brand Economy (DTC) and more, notes from the IAB ALM

Rachel Eisenhauer February 22, 2019
Video, Data, the Direct Brand Economy (DTC) and more, notes from the IAB ALM
This year’s IAB Annual Leadership meeting dropped some significant knowledge on advances happening in video marketing, data (is the new oil?) and the direct brand economy (also known as DTC). We’ve curated the best reading links so that you don’t have to:
Capitalizing on Randall’s keynote address from the 2018 meeting (featuring a nod to SundaySky), the IAB has blown out its coverage of the direct brand economy with an interactive list of the top 250 (as defined by the IAB). You can visit the interactive list here.
This year also brought us a full report on how to build a 21st century brand, taking the best practices applied from many of these digital first direct brand pioneers and distilling them into a tome of wisdom:
Slide 19 should be of significant interest to all marketers:
And how to summarize the purpose and promise of personalization? Kevin Johnson, President and CEO Starbucks, offers this:

“Establishing digital relationships with many more customers represents a significant growth opportunity, as we have proven that a direct communications channel combined with personalization enhances the customer experience and drives customer engagement.”

All in all, these are must-reads for digital marketing and advertising professionals keen on building their battle plans to acquire, keep and grow customer relationships for 2019 and beyond.