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SundaySky introduces new advisory board, generates over 1 billion SmartVideos

SundaySky introduces new advisory board, generates over 1 billion SmartVideos

NEW YORK – July 26, 2017 – SundaySky, powering personalized video engagement for leading brands, today marked the company’s ongoing traction toward video-led customer engagement with the introduction of an advisory board of leaders from the telecommunications, retail and digital marketing sectors. Challenged by increasingly digital and non-linear customer journeys, enterprise brands continue to adopt and expand their use of SundaySky’s SmartVideo as a strategic platform for personalized video engagement for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

The company’s advisory board includes Phil Bienert, former chief marketing officer of GoDaddy and executive at AT&T; Steven Rado, chief marketing and merchandising officer at Swanson Health Products and former chief marketing officer at Lands’ End; and Ryan Buma, chief commercial officer of TUNE and former global vice president of Oracle Marketing Cloud at Oracle. The board will support development and go-to-market strategies for personalized video engagement solutions that are entertaining and valuable to the consumer and that drive measurable, incremental impact to the brand.

“SundaySky combines the power of predictive data with the emotion of sight, sound and motion to create an infinite number of personalized videos at scale,” said Steven Rado, chief marketing and merchandising officer at Swanson Health Products and advisory board member for SundaySky. “This is the future of brand storytelling, and I look forward to serving on SundaySky’s advisory board as the company continues to drive innovation in this market.”

“Customers are overwhelmed by information today, and even simple purchases necessitate multitouch, multidevice journeys today that lead to decision stress and task abandonment. Personalization can help them toward their goal by quickly narrowing the possible universe of options to only those most relevant to them,” wrote Jennifer Wise and Andrew Hogan in the April 2017 Forrester Research report, “Pivot to Person-First Personalization.”

This marketplace shift necessitating more personalized customer engagements has fueled SundaySky’s growth as a strategic platform for brands to guide consumers toward their goals through personalized, one-to-one video. Market demand for personalized video solutions has led to half of SundaySky customers using personalized video storytelling in multiple touch points and channels across their customers’ lifecycles. Just 12 months after the announcement of 500 million unique personalized videos generated and viewed in real time since SmartVideo’s inception in 2011, SundaySky reached the 1 billion SmartVideos mark last year across the web and mobile devices, and is on track to reach its next billion SmartVideos before the end of 2017.

“We see personalized video as not just a part of a customer engagement strategy, but as leading each and every engagement to be relevant, entertaining and valuable for consumers,” said Jim Dicso, CEO of SundaySky. “As demand for personalized engagement throughout the consumer journey has grown, so too has SundaySky’s SmartVideo platform, which gives brands the power to create emotionally rich video engagement at scale.”

Coinciding with the introduction of the advisory board is the fifth anniversary of SundaySky’s SmartVideo Summit. The 2017 SmartVideo Summit featured customers from AT&T, Verizon, Citibank, Royal Bank of Canada, Hilton Worldwide and T. Rowe Price sharing best practices about the art and craft of video personalization. At the event, SundaySky honored the marketers leading the way with their use of SmartVideo to change the dynamic between brands and customers. SmartVideo Vanguard Awards winners included T. Rowe Price, Neiman Marcus, Catherine Echols from Verizon Wireless, Pottery Barn and AT&T.

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