SmartVideo Advertising Wins Performance Marketing Award

Rachel Eisenhauer May 09, 2014
SmartVideo Advertising Wins Performance Marketing Award

Along with our partner MyThings, the SmartVideo Advertising platform took home gold, winning this year’s Performance Marketing Award in best brand engagement campaign for our customer ShopDirect. The award recognizes campaigns that allow brands to engage with customers across channels and platforms to increase conversion rates.

But perhaps more exciting than the award is how we enabled ShopDirect to achieve an industry milestone: becoming the first U.K. retailer to produce real-time retargeted video advertising campaigns to drive increased ROI and conversion rates. We helped ShopDirect execute a campaign for its brands and that used programmatic optimization and data to adjust on the fly and target ideal customers at the right time. For example, if a customer abandoned a purchase and later visited another site, the SmartVideo platform leverages the website browsing data, as well as product images, narration and descriptions, to deliver him with a personalized real-time video ad specifically designed based on his purchasing preferences. Through the ad, the customer is led back to the original product on the ShopDirect site, encouraging him to proceed with the abandoned purchase.

The innovation demonstrated in the video retargeting campaigns was truly impressive — delivering the best of what branding, engagement and direct response can offer in a single campaign, while tying in to Shop Direct’s cross-channel marketing activities during peak season.

By combining programmatic video ad optimization and smart use of data in both visitor targeting and personalized video ad creation, this ground-breaking campaign generated exceptional performance compared to other video campaigns with enhanced engagement, brand exposure, and ultimately, sales and ROI.”

Big thanks to the Performance Marketing Awards for acknowledging our work, to an innovative and forward-thinking customer ShopDirect and to our partner myThings for introducing SmartVideo Advertising to ShopDirect brands and sharing the program’s success.