Q&A with SundaySky’s Newest Hire: Meet Our CFO, Elan Yaish

Rachel Eisenhauer March 24, 2015
Q&A with SundaySky’s Newest Hire: Meet Our CFO, Elan Yaish

SundaySky recently welcomed new executives to the SundaySky family. Elan Yaish joins us as our first chief financial officer, or as he’s perhaps more commonly known, the “Money Man.” Says Elan, “Managing the finances and money of SundaySky is an integral part of my job, but I am also responsible for strategic initiatives, increasing shareholder value, planning and analysis as well as many other initiatives. Nevertheless, just remember, everything that happens at SundaySky needs to flow through the Money Man.” Let’s get to know the newest member of our team:

  1. Why did you join SundaySky?
    During SundaySky’s extensive hiring process, I was able to learn a tremendous amount about SundaySky’s business, technology and people. Throughout my career I have seen many companies with great technology fail because they had mediocre management and people. I have also seen companies with mediocre technology succeed because they had great management and people. SundaySky has great technology, a great management team and an even better group of employees. I was quickly able to discern that SundaySky was one of those rare companies that truly has a chance of making it all the way with tremendous upside, and I wanted to be a part of making it happen.

  2. What does your role entail and what do you plan to bring to SundaySky?
    Elan: SundaySky is a startup that is growing into a mature company. I will draw upon my prior experience of helping companies that were at a similar stage to navigate the changes that need to take place to become a mature company. Of course, at SundaySky, we want to maintain the startup culture that has guided us all along no matter what stage we are at. My role at SundaySky is to improve the company’s profitability, help management define and manage the correct KPIs for company performance, and implement the required policies and procedures so that we can continue to grow in a healthy way.

  3. Where can we find you outside of the office?
    Elan: In the Tel Aviv area I enjoy hanging out at Jem’s. Jem’s is Kosher bar and restaurant located in Petach Tikva. They brew their own beer and have multiple types of beer.

Welcome to the team, Elan!

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