Personalization In The Age Of The Mobile Consumer

Rachel Eisenhauer January 30, 2018
Personalization In The Age Of The Mobile Consumer

The world’s largest brands already know that their consumers expect them to be mobile, but what consumers expect from brands’ mobile apps is still a question to be answered. In an effort to find this answer, we decided to survey a number of consumers who regularly interact with major brands in three different verticals: retail, financial services, and telecommunications. The largest group of respondents (61%) identified as millennials, and when asked about whether they felt they were “mobile savvy” an overwhelming majority stated ‘yes’. This set the tone for the remainder of the study since the millennial generation is quickly becoming the largest generation in the workforce, which directly correlates to the generation that makes up the largest portion of active consumers.

How do consumers currently interact with their mobile apps?

Before getting into their preferences, we asked consumers how many mobile apps from within each of the verticals they currently have downloaded on their phones, and how frequently they use each of those apps. The behavior patterns within the apps of each vertical varied drastically, and the things that consumers value in each vertical’s apps drastically differed as well. Two facts remained true throughout all three, though, and those are that consumers know exactly what they use their apps for and they know exactly what they want from their apps in the near future.

What do consumers value in mobile apps?

When asked directly about what their top priorities are when deciding whether or not they are satisfied with a mobile app, an astounding 80% of respondents expressed that their top priority is speed. Other top priorities included seamless online to offline behavior, for those times that data or wifi aren’t available, (70%) and, of course, in-app personalization (56%). When the preference questions became more open consumers started expressing desires for things like more targeted content, better customer support, and goal tracking assistance — which are all improvements addressed by the umbrella of in-app personalization.

So, consumers want in-app personalization?

The third and final section of the survey became solely about personalization and, more specifically, personalized video within mobile apps. This is when the fact that millennials are taking over the majority of the consumer demographic became pertinent, because by and large they are the demographic most excited about in-app personalization across all three verticals.

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