“One Matters” at the 4th annual SmartVideo Summit

Shmulik Weller May 16, 2016
“One Matters” at the 4th annual SmartVideo Summit

Last week we hosted our 4th annual SmartVideo Summit – a day dedicated to anything and everything personalized video. We had a fantastic group of speakers who shared powerful insights and deep personalization strategies as well as some awe-inspiring customer success stories.

For example, a benefits provider and a financial services provider explained how their SmartVideo onboarding programs lead to a 158% growth in portal usage and a 25% increase in digital adoption. Even more powerful, one telco provider stated that they not only experienced a 1.1% reduction in churn but a 34% reduction in billing related call volume as well.

These powerful results not only demonstrate that digital-first continues to be a major initiative for companies of all shapes and sizes, but also portray the theme of this year’s event: One Matters.

Personalized, one-to-one engagement is what matters most, and video now plays a critical role in reaching an audience of one. Through the years, we’ve heard some amazing things about SmartVideo from people who watch them, send them and create them. For the 2016 SmartVideo Summit, we wanted to share some of these testimonials and bring them to life. Because at SundaySky, we believe One Matters, and that applies to every viewer, every customer, and every team member.

In addition to One Matters, there were a few other themes that were consistently prominent throughout the day, including:

  • Developing emotional connections through the power of sight, sound and motion
  • Creating holistic data strategies that utilize the right level of data and personalization
  • Leveraging core elements of personalized video journeys to efficiently scale & implement programs

So, ICYMI: watch our kickoff One Matters video below and stay tuned for more highlights from #SmartVideo16. And don’t forget to sign up to be the first to learn about next year’s agenda, which promises to be even more action packed!